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Begin Again

I think it's time to come back to this blog. Not because it's important, but because every so often I have something I want to discuss deeply with myself, and it works well for me to do it here. If I write something I know others might read, it forces me to take better care with my words and my thoughts. It helps me sort out that random blah blah blah that runs through most human heads most of the time.  Some people meditate. I'd rather eat dirt. Some people journal. I find that an excuse to be too self-indulgent and whiney, and something that must be hidden from others. Too exhausting, on many levels. So here I am, in Portland, in winter, thinking deep thoughts, or just going for a walk to see the Christmas lights downtown. Hang out here with me while I process some stuff, if you want, or not. This is actually all about me, and if it benefits you in some way, well I think that's just lovely.