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Visit the Mask Shop

I’ve been making face masks for a while now. In fact, I’ve made almost 800 of them since mid-March. I gave away over 400 before I realized the materials were getting expensive, and it was time to start selling some. So I opened a little Shopify store to make it easy for all of us. Visit me, and buy a mask or two, at KimMilesHandmade . I’ve put a lot of care into creating a mask design that’s comfortable, washable, durable, and functional. They’re all made of 100% cotton fabric, double-layered, with a filter pocket. They have a fabric-wrapped double-wire shaper stitched into the top, so you can fit it properly around your nose. They also have adjustable elastic ear loops, for even more custom fit. I’m proud of my masks, and I have a wall of thank-you notes in my little sewing room, telling me how much people like them. As we open up the country, we’re all going to need masks. It’s the right thing to do for each other. I think of them as kind of a fashion statement too, like