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soft spring scarf

If you come here often, you know that I finished this pretty little swath of yarny love a few days ago. The yarn is from CandySkein , and I love it. A lot. It's a beautifully hand-dyed, washable merino fingering weight that was quite wonderful to knit with, even though I'm sort of a lazy knitter and usually use something quite a lot more bulky. This worked up into a delicious, lightweight-but-warm fabric that's perfect for between-season wear. Pardon my pilly worn-all-winter sweater, and focus on the scarf. It's my favorite style - an asymmetrical triangle, worked from end to end. It has a ziggy-zaggy edge on one side, and a smooth edge on the other. The pattern is called the Hitchhiker Scarf, and you can get it on Ravelry . I test drove this one for a day and loved it. But as I do with most of the things I make, I also decided to let it go. Only three have made it into my personal wardrobe for keeps, and I'm just fine with that. Make them, love them, let

a tiny sweater for someone special

I can finally show you this sweet little sweater I made for my grandson, who's due to arrive near the end of May. It had to be a surprise for my daughter at her shower, so I couldn't share it online until I'd given it to her. I'm really happy with it, and my daughter loves it too. Success! The gorgeous yarn I used is O-Wash worsted from O-Wool  - a lovely, soft, organic, washable merino that uses a much more natural process than most plastic coated washable merinos. I chose the color Barn Owl. My girl doesn't care for typical "baby colors," so I use this nice mustardy yellow, also O-Wash , for the hat. The yellow was a prototype color, so it was even on sale. Yay! The gray was a bit of a splurge, but for a baby sweater (for a very special baby) it wasn't too much to spend. The French Style Baby Cardigan pattern is from bebeknits on Etsy. It was a fun and easy pattern to knit. I modified it only a tiny bit by going with one button instead of

finished this week

I've been told that one of the most important things to do when writing a blog is to be consistent. Well, sure, that's a great theory, and it's probably super important for bloggers who get paid in some way to write. But for the rest of us, the amateurs who imagine ourselves to have something of value to say, at least every so often, blogging consistently is not high on the list of life priorities.  You don't really care, right? I'm here when I'm here. And look how much I can get done when I'm not interrupting the flow to write about the things I'm doing. Knit a lot, write a little. Good enough. This week I had a bunch of projects on the sticks, and was feeling some personal pressure to finish at least some of them. So I hunkered down and did some serious stitching. Out of all the things I had started, here's what got finished. Now I can catch my breath for a few minutes and share some yarn love. Bike weather is coming, so I got this