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really easy crochet shawl pattern

I learned to crochet when I was ten. Even though I think of myself as more of a knitter now, I also still love to crochet. I think it's the easiest place for the newly yarn-smitten to begin, and for me, it's always a calm and quiet place to go back to when I need something more meditative for my busy hands and mind. My friend Denise asked me to teach her how to make a simple triangle shawl last week, and although she understood what I showed her, she knew she might forget once she got home. She asked me to write it out for her, and I thought I might as well share it here too. This pattern has only been proofed by me, so you are my test crocheters. If you catch any mistakes, please let me know Your gentle feedback regarding clarity will also be appreciated. Once I know it's all okay, I'll post a printer friendly version on Ravelry for you. For now, here you go! This is a super simple granny triangle with some extra increases to make it nice and wide.

a special sweater

It all started with a picture. A few months ago, my grandson’s great grandfather on his dad’s side gave me this picture of himself wearing a beautiful hand knit Cowichan sweater that his mother had made for him. The photo was taken in 1979, in Tallinn, Estonia, where he was practicing for the Olympics. They are a family of sailors who have been competing - and winning - for three generations that I know of.  Grandpa Bill was well known for his sweaters. He told me that when his competitors saw him in one of these bulky, hand knit, water-holding beauties, they knew they were in trouble because the extra weight from a wet sweater gave him an advantage. I know next to nothing about racing sailboats, but I do know a little bit about knitting. When Bill learned this, we made a nice connection and he told me stories of his mother and of his family history. When he gave me this picture, I knew I wanted to try to recreate his sweater for his great grandson. Without telling