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Where Women Really Create

I was wandering through one of the Very Large Corporate Bookstores the other day, because I needed something to do for an hour, and because they happen to have a really wonderful magazine section. I hardly ever get to the actual books when I go there. There are too many. I get confused. I went in for a new notebook (I bought four), and I spent some time with the fancy magazines too. I like to flip through the expensive $15 "collectible" Somerset publications from Stampington and Company , like Artful Blogger , Willow and Sage , and Where Women Cook . They're more like books than magazines, and I usually find them beautiful and inspiring, and worth a visit to that particular store. Are you sensing a But here? Yes. Bu t, when I picked up a copy of Where Women Create , instead of feeling inspired and happy, I felt... really pissed off. Page after glowing page showed happy, prolifically creative women, with perfect hair and makeup, in their perfectly chaotic sanctuaries of