where to buy what i make

I closed my Etsy shop recently. What??? Why???

Well, because I think Etsy has done great harm to the livelihoods of makers everywhere. If you do manage to get noticed, which is pretty difficult these days, it's impossible to compete with the pricing on so-called "handmade" goods that are mass produced in foreign countries. Equally frustrating to me is the number of actual makers who drastically underprice their work, effectively turning themselves into voluntary sweatshop laborers in order to stay in the game at all.

I'm not playing.

I would love to see makers of all fine handmade things everywhere reclaim a sense of dignity, and charge a fair price for their skills and talents. Until I find such a group of folks that I can join, I'm back to being on my own here, in my own little shop, charging a reasonable price for the quality materials and hours of work it takes to make the things I make. I feel good about this.

The Shop, at the moment, contains exactly two items. There will be more, and of course they will rotate out as they're sold to the appreciative audience I know is out there. Somewhere.

Have a look, won't you? Share with your friends if you're so inclined. There's a link at the top of the page, and here's another for you - Shop - do come on in!

Here's what I have for you today. Two fabulous, hand-knitted (with sticks and string and my own two hands - not a machine) by me. Both are perfect for spring-to-summer wear because their base fiber is cotton. Yum. There will be more.


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