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The Interior Design Gods must have been listening to me the other day, when I was praying for a Nate Berkus Intervention. Oh happy me, he was on Oprah yesterday! His tricky assignment was to swap furniture around between four families, using what they already had in new ways, to give everyone a fresh look without spending much cash. The results were, of course, inspiring! Working on our trailer remodel, I realized that we already have so much stuff we like here in the house, it just makes sense to use some of it.

I've had this little blue loveseat for years, since my divorce in 1990. It was the first piece of furniture I ever bought for myself, choosing just what I wanted, and not having to take anyone else's tastes into account. To me, it represents personal power mixed with comfort. I still love this loveseat, and I want to take it with us in the trailer.

The sofa bed that's out there is sort of... yuck. It could be reupholstered or slipcovered, but what's the point? We don't like the thing, and don't need the extra sleeping space. Our humble little trailer can theoretically sleep eight. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? Thanksgiving at Mom & Dad's just isn't going to happen while we're caravanning. So the matronly sofa bed, and all its extra weight, have got to go. And we're hoping the blue loveseat will fit in the space.

My friend Nate also mentioned that if you're on a budget, go bold with color. I think we get the idea! We're trying marigold on the walls... or maybe a deep sage... or red... still working with the Spaghetti Tin Palette. And I never would have considered stretch slipcovers if not for Nate. SureFit has some really nice ones, which means I don't have to reupholster my loveseat, but I can still give it a nice new look. It feels like an old friend, and I want to treat it well. It's lived in three states, four houses, and has even been a dog bed. The fabric is tired, and no longer makes my heart sing, but the frame is strong and sturdy, I like the basic shape, and it's still the most comfortable seat in the house. Some new foam and a nice slipcover, and we have a new sofa for the trailer. I feel very smart. Thanks Nate.


  1. Darling, instead of foam why not buy a one cushion slipcover and then go to TJ Maxx or one of the similar stores and buy several pillows and fill the seat slipcover with the pillows? It would give you the comfort of down without the cost and you don't have to deal with foam, that unless it happens to be hypoallergenic who knows anymore what is it made of.

    Have you checked Feng Shui guidance for colors? here is a good source:

    Good luck!

  2. Isn't it nice when things "slip" into place? How timely that Nate and Oprah knew you were in need and came through for you! No WONDER they're rock stars! Great idea!

  3. Great idea Allegra! Gramma once had a big down sofa. It was heavenly.......... :o)


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