we've been biffed

A few years ago, the Town of Taos decided to bring the town sewer line out to our part of the county. Might not seem like a big deal, but out here, being able to flush the toilet is more important than being able to vote for mayor, which we actually can't do...

The job was a big mess, and seemed to take forever. The road was all dug up, making it impossible to drive on, and sometimes to even get out of the driveway. But the worst of it was all the BIFFs... Backhoe Induced Fiber-optic Failures. Our electricity, phone, and internet were constantly "being interrupted", and nobody in charge really seemed to care very much. Eventually they finished up, we hooked into the system, and things flowed smoothly for quite some time... pun intended...

But now it seems they've saved up their pennies, and yesterday the backhoes returned, blocking the road and making another big mess. Yep, the perfect set up for the perfect BIFF. Our phone and internet were out all afternoon, and into the evening. When I called Qwest, they said they thought they could have it fixed by 11:00 tonight. Great... As it turned out, they actually fixed it this afternoon, which was lovely of them. But still, my day had a hole in it the size of the one in the road. I'm working into cocktail time here, and that does not please me.

So if I happen to disappear for hours (or days) at a time, it's safe to guess that there's been yet another BIFF. If I have to, I'll go into town and hang out at a favorite cafe. I guess we have to get used to internet being kind of hit and miss when we're out there traveling anyway. Trying to roll with it. And at least we can still flush the toilet.


  1. They are doing the same stuff here. Just got back to normal after a huge storm (and mild tornado-like activity), and they are tearing up the road they just put back into use. *sigh*. I feel your pain...

    Here's to "progress" lol.

    Penny \IiiI

  2. I realise it's prolly cold comfort but it's the same the world over! *grumpy* Maybe you'll just need to try mid afternoon cocktails when everything goes up the wahoo? Any excuse if ya ask me. *g*

    (One of my oldest and dearest friends is named "Biff" so I got a giggle out of this post!)

  3. Maybe we should name a cocktail for your friend Biff! Might as well look at the bright side! :o)

  4. Been there, done that, still stinks and cost $5,500. Actually thought of converting to a porta potty!

    Oh wait, that's what you're moving into, isn't it?


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