beautiful chaos

You should see it around here. There are stacks and piles of things all over the place. Thing To Take Along, Things To Put In Storage, Things To Sell, Things To Donate, Things To Take To The Dump. It's a total mess, and I feel sort of like the hummingbirds we're still managing to feed, zipping from task to task, all day, every day, even in my sleep. It's finally hit me - we're moving. but unlike most people who move , we'll just keep on moving along until we know where to stop. This would be well beyond most people's limits, I know. Chaos is hard to live with, but I think it's gotten a bad rap. After all, Chaos is "where great dreams begin", if you look it up in the I Ching. I believe that. I embrace it. Hell, I even had it tattooed on my arm.

We're making good progress though. Sold the hot tub. Sold the violin. Sold a bunch of studio stuff. We're interviewing renters, and I trust we'll find a good one very soon. And work on the trailer is more finished every day. It's a bigger job than we expected. Isn't everything? The pretty red rose cabinet knobs were a little bit too pretty, so we added some edgy Mexican iron hardware to them, and now they're perfect. Rick is artfully filling and disguising the holes from the old hardware, and the rather funky, grannyish wood cabinets are looking beautiful now.

We also decided to rip out the crummy little night stands in the bedroom, so we can fit our wonderful king size memory foam bed in there. It will be wall-to-wall bed, but that's just fine. We'll be comfortable. It will feel like home. After long days of driving or hiking or making beads in a weird cramped space, a good bed will be a truly wonderful thing. It will be our own little hummingbird nest.

So here I go, another day, another gazillion things to do. It's OK! It's exactly what I signed up for.


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