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Two parties, two days, two peach cobblers. This is so good. Mom's recipe, from back before I started trying to make dessert good for me. I only make it when I know other people will help eat it, or I'd eat a whole vat of the stuff myself. Try it with a shot of Reddi-Wip or vanilla ice cream; best served warm, of course. Here's my very old recipe card. I'll clarify below.

Use a 9x13 baking dish, and double the recipe to make the required vat-full. Use two big cans of sliced peaches in heavy syrup (really, you want all the sugar possible here). Drain the juice off of one can, and dump both into the pan. Here is where I sometimes add my own little touch. Last night it was a whole bag of frozen raspberries. Today it's a bunch of dried cherries. Then make double the amount of topping. I now use whole wheat flour, because it's all we have in the house. You can get one called "white whole wheat", which is still whole grain, but nice for baking. Not too gritty and heavy. I mix it up with my hands, because it's kind of dry and hard to stir with a spoon.

Spread the topping - where else? - on top! Melt about a half-stick of butter (what good is a puny little four teaspoons?), and drizzle it all over the top, then bake it till it's a nice golden brown. If you want some to take home from the party, better make two pans and just leave one at home.


  1. YAY! Now I know what to do with the ridiculous amount of blackberries we get every summer that grow atop the back fence! Simple recipes are sometimes the best. Thanks!Ellen OBrien

  2. Oh, Yum! My mouth is watering. The peaches are just starting to arrive here and now I know what to do with them!

  3. Peachy, apples are good, add lots of sugar and I like tapioca to create a textured syrup. The crust is stunning! We'll be harvesting blueberries in late June. Our first cobbler (buckle, crisp, whatever) was rhubarb-spring apple--tart/sweet.

    Have fun!


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