happy mother's day

I don't have pictures yet, but we did great in Santa Fe on Wednesday. Found all sorts of things we need for the trailer, and had fun in the process. Isn't that what it's all about? Get the job done, have some fun? Throw in a tasty beverage at quitting time, and it's a day well spent.

We're spending a lot of time out there in the driveway, looking at the new paint job, draping various fabrics all over the furniture. I'm a little bit shy about sharing my current decorating tastes with you. This stuff should not go together, but I love it anyway. You'll see, soon enough. And it doesn't really matter if you love it or hate it, as long as Rick and I love it. After all, it's our little home. I guess what confuses me about what we're choosing is that it's not at all like anything we live with now. The colors are much more earthy than I usually go for. I have a theory though... I think we're gravitating toward these grounded tones because we're purposely putting ourselves into a totally ungrounded situation. What could be less stable than a trailer? Maybe a tent, but that's too extreme, even for us. So to have our nest decorated in colors that feel somehow rooted might be just the thing to keep us feeling at least a little bit secure and at home, although I still don't really know what that means.

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend. I don't think much about it, and don't expect my kids to make a big thing over their strange and rebellious mother. I'm not a Hallmark Card sort of mom. I'm the kind who did and does the best she can, and hopes the Power Mommies don't notice that I'm not as good at it as they are. But every year at this time, I think about my own mom of course. I'd send her something if I could, and call her if that was still an option. This year I'm thinking a lot about how she would probably really like what we're about to do. I think she'd approve. I think she does. One of the biggest things I learned from my mom was that life is short, and we'd better get on with it. She wanted to do a lot of things she never got the chance to do, and ever since she took her leave from this side of the veil, I've put a lot of effort into making up for some of that for her. I guess my gift to my mom, for Mother's Day and every day, is to live my life the best way I know how, true to myself, true to my truth, and who-cares about somebody else's little judgements. I've noticed it gets a lot easier after 50!

I have Mom's old sewing machine. She used it to make all our clothes when we were little, and I learned how to sew on it too. I used to make clothes, but for some reason, now I really hate to sew. I need to make all the curtains for the trailer though, so I'll just have to suck it up and do the best I can. It will help that I'll be using Mom's machine. I will certainly call on her for help. You never know. She might show up. When I look at my hands, I see hers now. Maybe these hands will somehow know how to do something hers did so well.

Happy Weekend! Happy Mother's Day!


The WINNER of this week's Bead Give-Away is...
April Nottingham!!!

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  1. I've never been too much of a sewing machine girl (probably because I was told that the needle may break off and hit me in the eye when I was very young - attempts to keep little hands off the Singer). Needless to say, when I had enough money to buy one, I did.

    I had to alter some of the curtains for our house, and love the stuff that you can get that sticks the fabric together with an iron... no fussing with figuring out the machine.

    I love needle and thread though! Good luck and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Happy Mom's Day, anyway; you DO still have 2 babies at home! Glad to hear things are going better with sweet Lucy. As far as decorations/colors/decor, when you are of a "certain age" (like over 50), good grief, you do what makes your heart feel good and feel at home. Nothing makes me happier than finding something quirky and funky and totally out of character for me...I just buy it, display it prominently and enjoy it....if it makes my heart sing I figure that's a good thing....and if no one else likes it, then they dang well don't have to look at it! As my mom used to say "no skin off my teeth"! Yahoo; it's great to be 50+! Jan

  3. That's eerie that you said when you look at your hands you see your mother's hands. Me too! I always have her with me.....sigh
    Am watching with interest this new page in your life, Kim!
    Barbara Simon

  4. Beautiful posts, Kim. I see my Mom in my hands and face now too, and I feel that she is always with me.

    And I agree that living life fully is the deepest thanks we can give for that life.

  5. This will be my first Mother's Day without my mom. I'm a mother, but not a daughter anymore -- even though I still feel like one, deep down and forever! I am thankful that I have had such a good role model, she showed me the way in so many respects. And yes, my hands look like hers too...

  6. "I guess my gift to my mom, for Mother's Day and every day, is to live my life the best way I know how, true to myself, true to my truth..."

    That's one helluva gift to give anyone, I reckon. If my daughter ever presents it to me I'll know I've done an okay job of this parenting lark (and the universe knows I'm bluffing my way through it rather a lot!)

    I'm very lucky I have both my Mum AND my Granny still with me - they are both my inspiration in motherhood and my rocks. Much as I love my Daddy and Spouse, girls rule!!

    Happy Mother's Day to you all!


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