After all that eating, it's time to start moving. Deborah and I were talking about hula hoops last night. This has come up with other friends recently, so I dug a little deeper, and found some good sites and information. You can buy fancy hoops from lots of places, and these are not your standard kiddie shoop-shoop hoops. The new hoops are made for grown-ups, and the beauty part is, you can easily make your own! Rick is at the hardware store as we speak, buying tubing and tape. Today we're making hoops. Maybe I can't play the violin, but I bet I can re-learn to swing a hula hoop! Care to join me? Check out the video. She's inspiring! And here are some links to get you started...

How To Make A Hula Hoop: http://www.jasonunbound.com/hoops.html

Hooping.org Magazine: http://www.hooping.org/

Hoopnotica: http://www.hoopnotica.com/index.php?cPath=3

Weighted Hoops - The Great Debate: http://www.hooping.org/archives/000531.html

Can't you just see me, out there hooping it up in the RV parks?


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