light and fluffy

As promised...

Even though I plan to (very carefully) make beads in the trailer, with a torch and kiln and molten glass, I'm concerned about having real candles around for soft light in the evenings. I know that sounds silly. But at night, after the studio is packed away and it's time to relax, I want to have a tasty beverage or two and lounge about without worrying about catching the curtains on fire. I'm looking into solar candles, but haven't found anything I like much. Some of the lanterns are pretty nice, and could be used indoors or out. And there's also the option of rechargeable battery operated candles. I've seen them used in restaurants and I think they look pretty good. I found a good selection here at Of course you can Google-about on your own too. If you find something good, post it here in the comments for us, won't you?

And now, concluding the Light portion of our program, here's the Fluffy segment...

Meet our house guests, Neruda and Banshee. They belong to our pals Deborah and Thomas, who had to make a quick trip to Arizona to pick up some of Deborah's sculptures. We really don't mind acting as Dog Camp Counsellors now and then. (Remember Sarafina and Mercedes?) I know for sure I don't want to own more than two dogs, but spending a few days watching the friendly pack dynamics up close and personal is really entertaining. These two are wonderful to have around. They stick close together almost all the time, they're quiet and well behaved, and they seem to like us too. Lucy feels a bit put out, and is keeping to herself a lot. (We're giving her extra love and cookies to make up for the inconvenience of having to share us.) And Heidi is oblivious to everything as long as she has a warm spot to sleep, preferable someone's lap. All four of the dogs here today are rescues. I think it's the only way to get a dog. Need something fluffy in your world? Today might be a good day to visit the local animal shelter. After all, adopting someone who needs you adds its own kind of light to the world.


  1. I've seen the battery-operated candles at our local store, and they do look quite interesting. Have you thought about using fairy lights inside the new home? Small, easy to hide, nice glow with no fire alarms going off. Just a suggestion.

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Penny \IiiI

  2. Deborah Rael-BuckleyMay 2, 2009 at 12:27 PM

    Thanks so much for helping us with the fab two. We hope they were not much worry or work and we were remiss in not offering to clean up their "doggie dirt". They actually look comfortable and composed at your place-much like here. Neruda will be forever grateful for the compass, so he can find his way home from his wanderings. MWA!


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