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Happy Monday! Today we start a new Blog-Bead-Give-Away! Here are The Rules:

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One entry per person per week.

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Good Luck!

This week's question...

What is your favorite comfort food?

(Mine is homemade mac & cheese. I'm making it for dinner tonight.)

Friday, May 8th
We have a WINNER!!!

April Nottingham, please contact me by email with your mailing address, so I can send your bead off to you!

Thanks everyone, for all your great responses. I loved hearing about your favorite foods combined with some favorite memories. Strong stuff!

I'll start a new Bead Give-Away on Monday. Have a great weekend!


Nicole said…
My favorite comfort food is either mac and cheese or mashed potatoes. Gotta love the starch!!

~Nicole Minix
suzie hall said…
My comfort food is anything with potatoes in it. Yum

Suzie Hall
CraftyHope said…
Wow, I like your answer as well as the other commenters' I guess I have to go with my favorite comfort 'meal' - soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmmmmm!
Christina J. said…
Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! Delish!

Christina Johnson
lutheranchick said…
Fresh, homemade bread, still hot from the oven, with lots of butter (margarine need not apply)

-Joy Proper
Anonymous said…
Leek and potato soup on a cold day. Okay, no jokes about how cold does it really get in Southern California . . .

Gwen Toma
TammyG said…
Brownies, definitely brownies. Mmmm, and bread.

Tammy Graves
Karen Green said…
Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and chocolate chunks (Dreyers Grand Bunny Tracks).

Karen Green
Anonymous said…
My comfort food is ice cream!!! YUM!

Anna Salguero
Austin, TX
Anonymous said…
Dark chocolate!

Hannah Benninger
Garlic bagel chips and tootsie rolls with an ice cold Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper :)! The calories cancel each other out lol!

Penny White \IiiI
Rachel said…
entire box of Krispie Cream glazed donuts. Warmed in the microwave. To quote Homer Simpson..."uhhhhhh"
Anonymous said…
breyers real vanilla ice cream topped with anything sinful!!

sandi miller - chgo
Anonymous said…
Beef Pot Roast with lots of onions and potatoes and carrots.

Karen Solliday
Murphy said…
Gosh Kim that's a hard one. My comfort food depends on how I'm feeling. Like if I'm sick, I want McDonald's cheeseburger plain and extra, extra, extra, extra, extra well done with a large fry.
If I'm pouty, I want Snack Nachos from Ciscos mexican restaurant. Has chips, ground beef, this weird sauce and cheese.
I also, for happy comfort, make my own version of Olive Garden's Zuppa Tuscano. It is a potato, sausage soup that has heavy cream in it and with California Sour Dough boule warmed just crunchy........ yeah!

Julie Lopez
Anonymous said…
I seem to find comfort in eating almost any food, but particularly homemade bread and ice cream.

Pat Taylor
Francoise said…
Lasagna (I make a mean lasagna, ask my kids!) if I have time; otherwise simple spaghetti and cheese )lots of cheese). And a cup of good coffee with almond biscotti
mary t said…
Hi Kim,
My favorite comfort food is Chinese jook, or congee. It's a soup made from rice, cooked forever, sprinkled with green onions, cilantro and soy sauce. Yummy and easy on the tummy and soul.

Mary Thomason
jen b ~ nj said…
favorite comfort food is really hard to choose, but I have to go with ANYTHING potatoes, fried, baked, cheesy, creamy, mashed, potatoes ~ YUM !!!
Milk Chocolate candy bar (dove, hershey's cadbury...)

~Marsha Minutella
Marsha Neal Studio
Anonymous said…
Hi Kim,
My favorite comfort food is chicken & dressing with lots of cranberry sauce.

Mellan Blount
Lauren said…
My favourite comfort food is vegetarian lasagne which includes cottage cheese and mushrooms.

Lauren Cantoni
Anonymous said…
My favorite is Nabisco Honey Graham crackers. My grandma used to give them to me after school and I nibble on them when I need a little extra love.
Chris Binder
Anonymous said…
Warm cornbread with butter and maple syrup or chokecherry syrup. Just makes my mouth water thinking about it ! And talk about comfort !!! For me anyway !

April Nottingham
Hey - I love mac and cheese - having grown up in Canada - we call it "Kraft Dinner" -- I know weird and my American hubby could never understand it - he calls it a side dish --- so I eat it when he is out of town on business!! Goes good underneath red chile too.....
debra phillips said…
grilled cheese with tomato made with sharp cheddar and wheat bread
Anonymous said…
a nice slice of Homemade Italian Style Cream Cheese Cake w/graham cracker crust and a cup of home brewed Starbuck's Coffee
Mine is still spaghetti. As a kid it was my favorite, and now I make it healthier, but still yummy!
Lin Pyatt
Anonymous said…
Being a southern girl, my favorite comfort food is a tomato sandwich on white bread, slathered with mayonnaise. It's best if the tomato is warm from the vine and big enough that a slice covers the entire piece of bread. Add a little salt and pepper... Yum! Oh, and a glass of sweet tea on the side.

Zoe Nelson
bluelapis said…
Mine is a big bowl of Pennsylvania Dutch pot pie, like my gramma used to make. The kind thats like a thick soup, not an oven pie. Made with a ham bone (from Christmas or Easter) with lots of meat left on it, and cooked all day. Potatoes, and onions. And big square home-made noodles. Its a Pennsylvania thing, since most outside the state have never heard of it. But you can find recipes online for it. And its great on chilly cold days.(which we get a lot!)If you come to Pa. ask about it! XOXO Jamie Hibbs
MJH said…
Dark chocolate ice cream.

MJ Harbage
peacockfairy said…
Anything pasta!!!

Heather Trudeau
Rachel said…
meatloaf, real mashed potatoes, corn on cob (2 please) and strawberry shortcake (biscuit kind not that nasty sponge stuff)with vanilla ice cream and sweet tea to wash it all down. so much that you need to take a nap after....or at least unbutton the top button of your jeans. Better still, wear your stretchy sweats.

Rachel Weisenberger
Janet said…
My favorite comfort food is a buttery grilled cheese sandwich hot off of the grill and hot, hot, hot cream of tomato soup. YUM, makes me hungry just writing about it.....

Janet Loomis
Joan Tucker said…
Hi, I am Polish and my comfort food is Golumpkis, especially if they are made by a loving auntie.. now a days I have to make them for myself. Yum.
Joan Tucker
pam ferrari said…
Spaghetti Baked Ziti to be exacted with lots of cheese!
Anonymous said…
Popcorn with LOTS of butter. Tuna caserole. Macaroni and cheese. Graham crackers with frosting.

Jacquie Spetz
Bozeman, MT
Debi said…
My comfort food is homemade chicken noodle soup!

Debi McConnell
Lynz said…
Oooh, mine is homemade mac and cheese, too! Especially my Mum's with bacon and onion. Yum. In fact, I can say it's my fave food EVER and my daughter's too.

xox- Lynz Graham
jan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
jan said…
OK, I'm going to try again, Kim.....last one had too many the hot SD summer I love an almost-frozen cold beer with my home-made tomato juice; in the winter I love a deep, rich red wine to hunker down with, but I'm not sure either of them qualifies as comfort the summer it's chips & home made salsa; in the winter nothing makes me happier than Christmas sugar cookies! Jan (please, God, let me win the bead) Bauman!
Anonymous said…
Do I have to narrow it down to one? :)

dark chocolate-- either straight or as hot cocoa.

Elizabeth Fensin
Karen Lewis said…
My favorite comfort food? A big bowl of freshly popped white popcorn done on the stove, coated with butter and immediately followed with (in this exact order): soy sauce, lots of flakey brewer's yeast, lots of cayenne pepper, and grated parmesan cheese. Wash it down with a big glass of orange juice...hmmmmm.
Julie K. said…
Italian - either baked rigatoni (with lots of cheese) or lasagna (with lots of cheese) or pizza (with lots of cheese) and of course cheese bread :-)
Julie Kittilson
nicci said…
sticky rice
cheese melted on a potatoe
homemade mac and cheese

so maybe i just need a lot of comfort

nicci yeo
Mari Aparicio said…
Chocolates Cookies, M&Ms, milk w/chocolate!!! Oh my God. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

Mari Aparicio
PA said…
My favorite is chicken and dumplings - rolled dumplings, not dropped ones. My grandmother used to make them to just die for but in all my years of cooking, I never managed to learn how. Mostly I ended up with just a pot of glue. The closest I find now is at Cracker Barrel restaurants. It's carb overload but yum!

Polly Anna Randol
lauralunde said…
Today I bought some white Wonder Bread for Aidan's nutritional unit at school. Well, I just made some Wonder Bread cinnamon toast. Lovely.
Pubali Mullick said…
Mine is "aloo or gobhi parathas". These are savory Indian breads with a filling of either mashed potatoes or cauliflower florets. They are cooked on a griddle, using ghee (clarifed butter) and served with a blob of home-made butter on it. Its a calorific overload but worth every calorie.

Pubali Mullick, New Delhi, India
m.e. said…
when in need of comfort I make soup!
chopping, dicing and slicing relieves my stress
stirring and simmering calms me
savoring a warm bowl of homemade soup revives my spirit
plus ...
I can add leftover and unused bits of this and that...
no waste /good taste!
I can relax and recycle at the same time !!!
veryyyyy comforting
:D m.e.
leslie crane said…
hi - i would have to say homemade soup or a stew give me a lot of comfort but unfortunately sweets manage to sneak in there too - not good for the figure........leslie crane, canada
TesoriTrovati said…
Anything with chocolate...good chocolate!
Thanks for the fun!
Enjoy the day!
Erin Prais-Hintz

P.S. Sounds like a fun adventure you are on!
Charlene said…
Chicken and rice with sweet corn. Yum. I think of 'home' when I make it. I don't have a hometown, home was where mom and dad laid their heads. Mom made this every birthday (still does and I'll be 45 this month!). Simple but special :)

Charlene Burke
Indiana - where the sweet corn is almost as good as they grow in Michigan!
amandamargaret said…
my fav is mac n cheese as well, but sometimes i like to put bacon in it but definitely has to have fresh grated nutmeg.

amanda le blanc
Elaine said…
My grandmother would make cherry pie for me. I love cherry pie. My mother would make grilled cheese with pickles and tomato soup. Yum.
Elaine Rusk, Kansas

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