off to santa fe

I have to be quick today. We're going to Santa Fe for some things we need for the trailer. Can't shop in Taos. There's nothing here to buy, unless you're a tourist wanting a t-shirt or a piece of art. Well, there's Walmart, but we don't go there. Ever. I hear we can park our "rig" for the night at Walmart parking lots though. We'll be looking for all the free parking we can get, once we get out there...

Thank-you everyone who sent encouragement about Miss Lucy. We took both dogs to a party at D&T's last night. They did really well. Even Lucy. Our friends are very good dog people, and I so appreciate their willingness to help us socialize our dear beast. I'm taking my Cesar Milan book along for the ride today, to learn how to be a better Pack Leader. I was discouraged yesterday, but I'm hopeful today, and I've never been a quitter.

Back tomorrow with an update on Trailer Decor...


  1. hi kim -don't give up on your dog - i had one of my dogs turn on me not too long ago(she's 8 - husky, malamute, wolf cross) - she seems to be getting a little more cranky as she gets older & she also has severe hip dysplasia but has actually done amazingly well - i think she was just letting me know she did not like what i was doing(i was pulling out loose hair that she was shedding) - like you, it took me totally by surprise & i felt betrayed but she has been fine ever since - however i am now aware that i cannot push her too far & i have to give her that respect(she has rights too) - i also have another dog who absolutely hates getting her nails done(min pin) - i have to get my BIG strong son to hold her while we do it & she screams the whole time we are doing it(it's rather amusing i have to admit) & the she's fine the minute it's all over - they certainly let us know how they feel!!

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  3. stay calm assertive :D


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