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We've been sorting through our music, trying to get it all condensed down to a travel version of our favorite stuff. We still have records, and the turntable required to play them, but of course those can't go along for the ride. We'll hope they survive a year in storage, while we listen to CD versions of old favorites and new things too. We seem to have something of a theme song for the moment - Van Morrison's "Bright Side Of The Road", from the "Into The Music" album. We have it on vinyl, but also bought it on CD. We need it. It keeps us encouraged when we start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and pressure we've willingly signed up for.

Last night we started taking all the inserts out of all the CD cases, and stuffing them into little pockets in a big CD binder. What a great way to save space, and as it turns out, it's also easier to flip through and see what we have. We're grouping them into genres like Girl Singers, World Music, Cool Old Black Guys, Christmas, Old Rock, Classical... you get the idea.

A big favorite of mine right now is anything that might qualify as Gypsy Music, particularly violins. I've decided to sell my violin, which makes me sad, and also makes complete sense. I've had it for a year, and I'm not making any progress at all. I listen to a lot of musician interviews on the radio, and I'm realizing that I'm not actually a musician. That's OK. It was a dream that needed nurturing, and I'm glad I gave it a shot. Now I can free up some space, physically and psychically, take one more thing off my To Do list, and concentrate on finding wonderful violin music to listen to. No regrets. Anybody wanna buy a violin? It comes with this book, and lots of others...

And now for this week's Bead Give-Away!

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This week's question:
What music are you listening to these days?

Saturday, May 16
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Thanks everyone. You gave me some good musical suggestions!
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Joan Tucker said…
Our favorites for on the road include Dire Straits,
old R amd B so so can drive and sing and sway, Pavoraotti for loud sing alongs and stuff like Joe Cocker, old Black Sabbath, Pat Benatar..

we trade this off with current music.

but driving along to the Sultans of Swing is the very best. Joan Tucker
jan said…
quirky as it may sound, my daughter gave me a CD of Pachelbel Canon In D Major with ocean sounds which is very relaxing and soothing....but I have also been listening a lot lately to 2 old Joe Cocker CDs that have been rattling around my office....his version of Delta Lady is my all-time fave...I want to be her! Jan Bauman
Charlene said…
Blues and easy listening jazz.

Charlene Burke
Anonymous said…
How funny...I wanted to learn the violin too but realized just because I like the violin doesn't mean I have to be a violinist! So I watched The Red Violin the other night and got my Joshua Bell fix.
Right now I'm listening to Jason Mraz, The Guess Who, Loreena McKennitt, Alicia Keys,and Simon and Garfunkel. Quite the eclectic mix!!
Love your blog!!
Gwynnie Beatty
Julie K. said…
Anything 80's - brings back memories of high school
Julie Kittilson
Francie said…
My favorite right now is Mudcrutch, which is Tom Petty's first band from 30 years ago. They got together last year and had such a good time playing, they recorded new and old songs. It's really great and makes you want to dance!

Francie LoveAll
I have a very eclectic love of music. There really is no music that I don't have some love for, except maybe for the overly violent rap stuff. Right now I am addicted to Japanese bands like Dir En Grey and Dong Bang Shi Ki. On a stressful day, I am Enya and Buddha Bar, on crazy, dance in my knickers days, I am Selena or Justin Timberlake, on "take no prisoner" days, I am Metallica or NIN. The one song that is a given when I drive I-25 between Albuquerque and El Paso is Sting's "Desert Rose". Nothing better.

Have fun making your driving music and getting prepared for the great adventure!

BTW, loving the new blog!!

Penny White \IiiI
Anonymous said…
I too am a former wish I could violin player. I have made three attempts in my lifetime and have finally given up. Even though the feel of it nestled under one's chin is so lovely, a cranky neck can turn that into pain and my gently drawing the bow across the strings can turn into the pain of others!
Other than continuing to listen to my son make his music which a mother must love, I also discovered a local a boy whom I adore. His name is Daniel Adams. We heard him outdoors the other evening and his songs are sweet and nice. He does have a website. have a good trip. susanne wichert/sopha davenport
Jean said…
I have specific songs from old bands and like to play along on the piano to them...although I can't play. I love a nice candlelit Steinway upright as close to in tune as possible and the songs Telegraph Road, Roller Girl, and Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. I like a group called Del Amici sing Driving with the Brakes on, and I like the Indigo Girls version of Midnight Train to Georgia. I pass out when I hear Ray Charles sing My baby Grand with Billy Joel, who wrote the song for him and they sing it together, and I love a group called Lick the Tins (specifically their version of Fools Rush in, which ended the movie Some Kind of Wonderful) and I like I throw my Toys Around, sung by Elvis Costello and Gwen Stephani and written by Elvis, which ends the Rugrats movie. At this point are you sorry you asked? I like the Eagles singing New Kid in Town, one of their classic ballads which get me every time,and I love Damien Rice and anything from O. I love Robert Downey jr. in the video of Elton John's song, I Want Love, and I love RDj singing for real: Springsteen's Sherry Darling. Speaking of the Boss, Thunder Road is my favorite song except for ALL of my kid's songs. My kid is a genius. Brilliant musician, love his music.

In my life as well, the Beatles are above and beyond mere music and in some special niche of their own.
Hollie said…
I'm a BIG Classic Rock fan!!! Lately I've been listening to Rod Stewart's remakes of the oldies from the 40's and 50's. His bedroom voice is soooo romantic! And even though I'm not a Country Music fan, I love the very talented Taylor Swift.

Rock on!!!
Hollie Duckworth
G said…
I like listening to Sugarland...good sing a long music..
when I'm headed West I like to like to Michael Martin Murphy, and some old guy I can't remember his name but he sings about "adobe walls" love it!

have a great trip....turn up the music and sing loud!
I've been in a mood to listen to hawaiian music..must be all the sunny weather we have been having!
Hannah said…
Lately, I've been listening to Steve Goodman, the Eagles, and a singer from the Comoros named Nawal.

Enjoy your music!

Hannah Benninger
Karen said…
I have gone back to the 70's.... YES, Genesis, Cream... stuff like that just isn't written anymore! Now you can guess how old I am!

Have a sweet trip.

Karen Schneider
MammaMar said…
Kim, If you drive through Texas it's Willie on the box. He's good when you clean house too.

Love the narratives!

Martha Grady
Houston, TEXAS
Cheryl said…
My daughter and I are really getting into Bollywood films (way before slumdog millionaire came along) so if it just us girls, we usually have the soundtrack from some Hindi film. Our altime favorite is Bole Chudyian from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. It's lots of fun trying to learn all the words.
Cheryl Sanchez
Anonymous said…
I'm listening to Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. They're playing a concert here this summer and I'm looking forward to listening to all this great music live!
diana said…
Right now David Grey's White Ladder CD. Love LOVE his music and I keep going back to it. It's like a dear old friend.
Mary Free said…
I listening to sheryl Crow,Stevie Nicks,Fleetwood Mac,Lynyrd Skynyrd,which can be inspiring and get you going! yea "I was born a Ramblin' Man",Sweet Home Alabama"!don't forget Elton John either!and Chicago!Kansas!Pink Floyd to relax though,I guess I age myself huh? I could also listen to some Beatles,and oooh Billy Joel! hope you are doing well on the road!
Mary Free
Anonymous said…
I have been listening to a lot of Taj Mahal lately - his bluesy and laid back style are just what the doctor ordered these days.

Best of luck on your journey!

Sherri Bierman
Diane Zelia said…
Green Day... they have a new album coming out this week I think.. can't wait to hear it.. also love enrique iglesias... (insominiac) cd.. also AC/DC..

Diane Hart :0)
i-feel-pretty said…
Well i think we go thru phases where we really focus on some things and then move on after a bit. First off I love almost everything on XM's the Loft. Mike Marrone is the PD & is on FB, are real nice guy. I also recently discovered the XM channel for Classic 60s & 70s - love hearing the Byrds, Graham Parsons, Eagles, CSN - you know that So. Calif. Alt/Country Thing.

But also, especially after her concert here in Santa Fe a few weeks ago, we are LOVING my Michelle Shocked collection, she is so NOT what my husband expected and IS a gentle, extremely gifted, soulful folk rocker. She is all love and energy and it was such an intimate experience. She did songs off her new album which I think came out yesterday (you can get it at MichelleShocked.com) and she talked to folks before the show and hipped me to this wildly different & wonderful CD that would be GREAT for your road trippin' - it's a double called "Deep Natural / Dub Natural." The "Dub Natural" CD is just fantastic. Give the tracks a sample online.

Oh I could spend hours going over music with you two, as it was (& is still) my entire life for 17 yrs. I have a case logic bag of "CD's I'd Die Without" The stuff that if the house burned down, I'd have to take THOSE pieces of music, they got me to where I am today!

~peace in your travels and I can't wait to hear what you choose to 'get you where you need to go.'

Holly Sharpe-Moore | I Feel Pretty
Ruth said…
Whatever jazz or classical happens to be playing on the radio. I have hundreds of CD, but I've found it's easier to let someone else pick out the sound of the moment and they get to change the disk, track, whatever. I mostly listen to music when I'm in the car. My work is such that I have to pay attention and singing (someone else, not me - I can't carry a tune) can get in the way...

I sincerely hope you have a great journey and find a lovely new home at the end of journey, wherever that may be.
Some of my favorites that are always playing in my studio... They may be a bit different than what you like, but it's always good to find new music.

The Shins
Sufjan Stevens
The Killers
Yo La Tengo
Matt Pond PA
Iron & Wine
Alanis Morissette
k_ANNE said…
rock from the 70's and 80's. That's this week...next week will be a different story!

Denise Daquila
Lets see...Always tom waits, today and yesterday, a brilliant cover of John's Across the Universe by Fiona apple...I don't even care for Fiona Apple. uh, Beck Modern Guilt, Mr Bungle, Lovage, and more Tom Waits.
;) So much though, to remember.
Anita said…
Hi Kim ~

I have very eclectic tastes in music -- from listening to '80s love songs (the best) to Country Western to easy listening to real old blues. And, I also love old Broadway musicals like Oklahoma, South Pacific, Westside Story, Sound of Music, etc. Wow!

I hope you have a wonderful and safe journey.

Take care,
Anita Kuhn Shecter
Lynz said…
"Cool old black guys"!! Now *there's* a musical genre! *grins*

I am rock chick at heart but have rediscovered the soundtrack to the Piano recently. I'd forgotten how much I wanted to play the piano but I think I'm like you - musical but not necessarily a musician.

Show us the trailer, woman, stop with the teasing! I'm so excited to see what you've been doing.

Lynz Graham. xox
Michelle said…
Hi Kim, I like listening to Travis, and Irish band, and also love The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, Gypsy ~ you would love that !!!
I think you should invest in an i-POD to store all your favourite music, you can get up to 200 albums on one and you can plug it into a pair of tiny speakers and storage space ~ well !! about as much as 10 CDs or less in total !! Ideal for travelling !!
Lotsa love, Michelle xxoxo
Dennis said…
Since I'm always working or in school these days, it seems like I'm not listening to very much. The music that remains as old standbys for me are the ones that have memories attached to them, and take me back to a place or time. Right now, when I turn the cdc player on this comes on:
Taking the Long way Home Dixie Chicks....Sue Williford and I Listened to this on the way to a birthday party for Patty Hannigan, singing at the top of our lungs!!
I also listen to a lot of Joni Mitchell, and I have for 35 years!Guess I'm just an old hippy!
Sheryl Lamarand said…
Normally I listen to Christian music or some slow jazz, but I've been into books on tape recently--very entertaining. They work well since I can't bead and read at the same time!
Sheryl Lamarand
Elizabeth said…
audio books-- currently "Dogs and Goddesses" by Jenny Crusie et al.
Karen D said…
Willie Dixon rules! Also Santa Abraxas--still my favorite after all these years, the best of Carlos in my opinion. Proud of my friend Dean and his upcoming, hot, west coast blues band, The Insomniacs.
Karen Davito
Rachel said…
Jill Scott "The Real Thing Words and Sounds Vol 3"

Seal "SealSoul"
"I can't stand the rain" Excellent track!
MJH said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
MJH said…
Moody Blues: Question of Balance
Bob Dylan: Gotta Serve Somebody

MJ Harbage
Mary said…
I love Dan Fogelberg, although it's been hard to listen to his music since he died.

Roadtrips have to include Leonard Cohen, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Jackson Browne, and the Gypsy Kings!
yarrow said…
I still love all the old stuff: bob seger, bruce springsteen, u2, moody blues, etc. - lately i have been drawn more & more to blues but i like most genres - this summer we are going to a music fest in a beautiful bc coastal native village to see trooper & kim mitchell(last year it was tom cochrane & glass tiger & the year before that it was jeff healey(awesome) & nazareth! - there's nothing like music to pull people together!!
Christine said…
I love listening to Joe Cocker's greatest hits. Last summer we went on a road trip on the Harley through Colorado - came to a dinky little town in the middle of nowhere and the local grocery store has a big sign that the Joe Cocker concert tonight is sold out. I didn't know that Joe Cocker lives in Crawford, CO and puts on a benefit concert every year for the locals!!

Also like Bare Naked Ladies music and any old 70s rock songs. When I am slowly getting ready for the day on a Sat/Sun I like to listen to old Van Morrison - Moondance album. If I am full of angst it is Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell.....and of course my old music like Alannis Morrisette, Janis Ian etc - my husband calls it my man-hating music from my single days!

When I am torching in the basement it is the local radio station with all the current hits from Beyonce and all the other girl singers out there......and Ryan Seacrest's Top 40.
Jacqueline said…
I'm back in Rush mode; preferably the middle years. I used to be an uber fan-geek. Now it's my comfort-food music whenever I'm stressed, or want a good rock-out session, and right now, I'm stressed.

the rest of the time, my standard afternoon background is the jazz program on our local NPR from 2 to 4:45 pm.
Carlene said…
Yesterday it was Leo Kottke.
Today it is Barenaked Ladies and Great Lake Swimmers.
Tomorrow I feel Lyle Lovett might be visiting.
If I can't have my animals around, music is the next best thing!

Carlene Nelson-Stewart
Debi said…
Collective Soul, INXS and old U2 are mainstays. Good for the head music!

Debi McConnell
Mari Aparicio said…
80's music!! cant fight this feeling anymore!! Just wanna have fun!!! You can dance if you want to!! what a feeling!! dont stop believing!! rhythm is gonna get you!! welcome to the jungle!!

Mari Aparicio from Puerto Rico
kathy nardi said…
Country music has been my pleasure as of late.I guess it feels good to hear the artist sing songs with my home town Michigan close to their heart.Love listening to Kid Rock,Big and Rich and all those great artist.A lot of wonderful music has come out of this hometown of mine,Motown for certain.Too bad we weren't the music capital of the world.Oh well we are who we are and lately its been "Country"!!!
Hope I am the lucky winner cause I sure love your beautiful works of art Kim!!!!
Kathleen Nardi
Christina J. said…
I've been listening to Katy Perry and P!nk. And sometimes to KT Tunstall.

Christina Johnson
Katy said…
you ain't nothin' but a hound dog
Francoise said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Francoise said…
These days, it's mostly jazz (we went to a Diana Krall concert last week, it was great). But my tastes are pretty eclectic: classical, opera, rock, blues...
Sue said…
Supertramp...Take the Long Way Home
Journey...Don't Stop Believing
.38 Special...Back Where You Belong
Tom Petty...Running Down a Dream
Tom Cochrane...Life is a Highway
Grateful Dead...Truckin'

Just a classic rock kinda gal...
Sue Kelley
Anonymous said…
The best of luck on your travels.

I mostly enjoy country music.

Pat Taylor
Melissa J. Lee said…
Well, I just bought a copy of Alanis Morisette's "Jagged Little Pill" - my favorite album from 1991 (I had it on cassette tape back then and lost it in successive moves). Despite what a friend of mine would call "angry young woman" lyrics, it reminds me of a happy time in my life - when I was living in England, studying English Renaissance literature.

I just found your "new" blog!

Best wishes,
Melissa Lee
Elaine said…
I have three different sets of music....one for the shop....one to listen to on the way home from work and one to listen to after dinner when we are sitting on the deck and watching the fire. They range from New Orleans jazz..Sweet Georgia Brown and When the Saints Go Marchin in .....to Dianna Krall's Peal Me a Grape to James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet and the Eagles.
Elaine Rusk

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