I bought a lime green shirt... and a turquoise one too. I usually only wear black. My hair has magically turned a vibrant shade of auburn. My toenails are sparkly pink. I think aliens have taken over my body. Colorful aliens, who paint everything they see. My brain still seems to be my own, but the rest of me is doing strange things like hula hooping all the way in and out of the labyrinth, and asking Rick to buy Orange Crush, because it makes me feel like summer vacation when I was fourteen. Change can be so... changing. I think I hope it lasts...


  1. I think your colorful chaos pendants have taken roost in your soul and grown! Grow with it :)!

    Penny \IiiI

  2. Change is the only constant right?! Boring fact but true. I love how you are, innately, just *absorbing* it, your body is ready to create new memories and a new 'state of being.'

    As for hula hooping all the way in & out of the labyrinth...excellent!! AND Namaste. Now THAT's a new way of meditating.

    I'm with ya on the orange crush, now all you need is an small american flag, hold on to the hula hoop (may come in handy, i think it meets the qualifications) some flip flops & sparklers & i do believe...yes...WE HAVE A SUMMER here!!


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