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We have these faux leaded glass panes in the closet doors. We don't like them, so off with their heads! I have all this curtain fabric, and was thinking of making small curtains to set into the spaces on little dowel rods, top and bottom. But why sew when I can use duct tape! I'm so glad I thought of this.

I had Rick cut pieces of masonite to fit the holes. Yes, I could have done it myself, but I don't care for power tools. I know that's odd coming from a woman who plays with fire and molten glass, but glass can only burn me. Saws can cut me, and cuts so often need stitches. You know how I feel about sewing...

So I took my neat rectangles of masonite, placed them on the curtain fabric on the floor, and stretching the fabric into place, duct taped it all together. It's not pretty on the back side, so I'll sandwich a custom cut mirror on the back of one, and ribbon-wrapped bulletin boards on the others.

(I haven't done the bulletin board parts yet - have to find ribbon somewhere in Taos...) I'll glue the fronts and backs together with Liquid Nails, and hold them in place in the closet doors with little corner brackets. So easy, and no sewing! Yay! And notice the beautiful wood steps Rick built. I'll show them off properly when they have all the Varathane coats finished. He did a great job. He likes power tools.

This will be much better. and by the way, this is my entire closet. Rick's is half this size. This will be interesting!


  1. Good deal :). Hot glue can work wonders as well!


  2. Gorgeous! Just what one would expect from the "creative set"!

  3. i think this is stunning--save one hanger for meeee!
    jean xox

  4. Ha! First, my sympathies on the tiny closet! That would be the deal that would scotch the whole deal for me!! :-)
    Try Uncommon Thread for some ribbon. I bet they'll have something cool for your fabulous closet update! You guys really ought to write up this "re-do" for DIY TV. It's impressive to say the least!

  5. So Clever Kim! I think i saw actual interior designers do something like that on HGTV! I would NEVER have thought to personalize & customize your roving home like this; how smart you two are - and it really will be home.

    I agree with what Ag Alchemy said about doing a writeup for DIY or something - they would really be taken by your work. LOVE the flowery fabric; sorry 'bout the closet confines. Now you'll REALLY see what makes your favorite / MUST HAVE pile!

    Can't wait to get my latest goodies from your studio - i recently added the AMAZINGLY beautiful heart i acquired from you, to my personal 'altar' space. It just seemed right to be there among my other treasures.


  6. Trust me, you will be surprised at how little you need. When my life in Montana crashed, I lived with the contents of two small suitcases for 4 months at one of my sisters' house here in the Columbus OH. Am renting a 825 sq ft apartment now that I got my SSDI. All my furniture except my adjustable bed was sold & anything that did not get into boxes were in to ether space in MT. Am still getting rid of stuff...


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