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Every day is a new To Do List. Yesterday went well. The studio has been squeezed into a smaller version of itself, and I figured out that the kiln fits perfectly in the tiny bathtub, perched on a little metal table I've had around here for years. It gives it a grounded plug on its own circuit, and puts it out of the way to ramp down overnight, so I can reclaim the dinette after a day of beadmaking. I'm starting to feel like a friendly Transformer, folding and unfolding from one thing to the next. The only catch with the kiln in the bathtub is that there won't be showers on beadmaking days. We'll work it out. I'm just relieved that I was able to heat the kiln to 1000 degrees without tripping any breakers. It means I can still make a living out there, which is kind of important.

Today is another round of doing, followed by a meeting with the renters and our friend/handyman, Peter, to be sure everyone knows what's what and where it all is. Tomorrow is Big Clean day, with Julia's help. Saturday looks like patch and paint day, and Sunday is party day! If you're going to be around and want to join in, come to the Solar Center Sunday evening to see Dan Hicks. It's going to be some good, silly fun, which is always useful.


  1. Does your trailer have an outside shower head? If so, you can buy a shower curtain setup quite cheaply and set it up out back to take your showers. They are very convenient and quite private. Just a suggestion.

    Have a great day,
    Penny \IiiI

  2. Hi Kim and Rick,
    I am headed out to Santa Barbara on a road trip with Aidan and friends tomorrow, so I will, no doubt, miss your departure. But, I want to wish you the best. It has been fun having you as a neighbor to the south. Keep on bloggin'. Much love, Laura (and Marc)


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