It's Big Clean day. The house is so empty it echoes. Weird, but not sad. We're ready to go, and now it's just a few days away. Still lots to do, but the last really hard job will be finished by the end of today. So OK... here I go!


  1. Hey Kim;

    just wanted to stop by & check in. You must have that giddy, dizzy, adrenaline feeling, that I can almost imagine. Like clearing out your locker on the VERY last day of high school, the very last.

    Something about empty houses makes me sad & excited, as the love and energy will resonate there and trail out the door with you. Perhaps reaching out to you the way a cat uses the earth magnetic signatures to find owners who have moved far, far away.

    But it also holds the brilliant =PROMISE= for it's new occupants, like a shiny penny, it's just a penny, but the whole world to you.

    Are you feeling like "let's get it on already?" or "yeesh all these strings cut loose & flying free?" I can imagine it's a mix of all of that stuff & more.

    Are you getting this dichotomy of a sky up there too today? One half is Scary Black, rumbly thunderheads & one is niave, peaceful blue with those ever-lovin' "Little Puffy Clouds" (also that is the name of AN EXCELLENT song about the desert skies, electronic, by The ORB - great road music!).

    Well it's one heck of a grand 'send-off.' I haven't read everything on the blog over the past couple of weeks, i confess. Finding out i DO need a much expected hand surgery is a downer & an upper all at the same time for those of us who play with fire & shape the elements. But are you going to do like a little map for us of your intended destinations?

    Like on TV or in a "Family Circus" cartoon in the paper, you can have a silly US map & draw random, weavy dotted lines to show where you plan to go, where you have been. You can be your own icon on the real GAME of LIFE, with two pegs in your car, (one blue & one pink!), spin the wheel, roll over those hills ahead, (you already have the requisite insight that you KNOW the road carry's on!) and load up your vehicle with treasures.

    Well Gypsy Lady, gonna miss knowing you're 'up there' in Taos, and i'm even feeling a little 'sympathy-restlessness' i think.

    My very best to you & your clever, loving wonderful husband.
    ~peace ... today & always
    holly sharpe-moore


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