The work we did yesterday truly kicked my ass... Our house is cleaner now than it's ever been. Almost makes me want to stay in it to enjoy it a while. But on the other hand, I may never want to live in a house again. They're so big and there's so much room for dirt to hide. And in a house like ours, with "vigas" (entire tree poles that hold up the roof), you have to clean those too. Taos is notoriously dusty. We joke about just leaving a thin layer of undisturbed dust on things, because it's useless to clean it. It'll be back in an hour. But we cleaned every speck yesterday, and now it looks just beautiful. Today we'll finish up the last bits, and then do some patch & paint where we took art off the walls. Karena's coming to help us, which is so appreciated at this point. We're about as exhausted as we can get without falling down and just staying there. Two more hands, and someone to cheer us on is just what we need today. We think we'll also move the bed out to the trailer, which means we have to move ourselves out there too. Looks like tonight will be our first night in our New Home. We'll be camping in the driveway! Sounds like a good excuse for a party, like we ever need an excuse. Celebrate everything, that's what we say!

And tomorrow is our actual "going away party", out at the Solar Center. Nice of Dan Hicks to play for us and our friends. We're looking forward to some easy fun for an evening. Thought about having a party here, but that would be more work, and we have plenty of that right now, thank you. It will be interesting to see who shows up, and who thinks fifteen bucks is too high a price to pay to see us. Whatever. Can't please 'em all. We'll get plenty of hugs and fare-wells, do a little dancing, and be on our gypsy way.

Off to clean something... creak, groan, smile...


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