Facebook has just added a new feature. We can now choose a username. Sounds cool, but I don't really know what good that does anyone, except to add another stupid layer of anonymous cuteness for people who like that sort of thing. I was bummed that KimMiles was already taken... shouldn't I have first dibs on that one? I decided on "kimmiles.beadist" instead. Not really sure why I'm even on Facebook, except that a lot of my friends are too. Sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow...

Anyway, if you're on Facebook, and want to be my Friend, I'll probably let you in. If you're not there yet, might as well sign up. All the best people are Facebookin'. It's a fun way to keep in touch with your actual friends, to network and show off your work, and to spy on your kids (unless they block you). But watch out for the little extras... they can eat up your life. Be strong, my friends! We all have better things to do than send virtual gifts to total strangers!

Join here: http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=65e9834b4f5e0ee66a27fa55f5297e60& And don't forget to add your picture. It's called Facebook for a reason!


  1. Kim--I just signed up last week so I guess I'm slowly clicking into the modern world--no one really interesting new from HS--of well. And then there's twitter...Ryan

  2. I can't find you on facebook. I signed up just this minute and searched kimmiles.beadist to no avail. Help! Also, send me an email to let me know which address to use for you...don't want to loose you...Laura


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