We've all been warned for months now. As of today, all TV is HD, and our viewing life will never be the same. We're not big TV watchers, so haven't paid much attention, but I do like to have Ellen and Oprah hanging out in the studio with me in the afternoons, and Rick is loving the Lakers these days. We have two old TVs, so totally expected to wake up this morning to fuzz and static. We tend to be resistant to being told we have to go out and buy some new technical wonder. Boy, there's a lot of money being made on this. I say, Just Say No To Tech-Bullying. But hmmm, for reasons we may never know, everything still works. Go figure. There was some mumbling a while back about this part of New Mexico lagging behind on the switch. Nobody's mentioned it in a long time though, so who knows. Maybe our TVs are more up to date than they look. After all, we are...

No time for TV today though. It's time to haul all of our Fabulous Stuff into the driveway, and set it all up like a hillbilly department store. Doors open tomorrow morning at 9:00. The ad says no early birds, but birds can't really read, so we'll be ready for 'em...


  1. hope it is going well! I miss you LOTS! I need a jar of that TOA soak, for sure!
    lots of love!!!

    jean xox


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