one day monday sale

Hey Bead Lovers! I'm having a SALE today!
The not-so-secret Discount Code is: MONDAY.
That's all you need to know to get 10% off everything in my BeadShop!
Pop the code in BEFORE you check out. I will not go back and give refunds if you forget. No time for that!

There are lots of things in the Going, going, gone... section that truly will, poof!, disappear in a few days.
I also need to sell the felted bags! I can't pack them along in the trailer when we leave one month from today. Besides, I'd really like to send that money off to Project Mercy. Come on! Buy a bag!

Off and running... I feel like the Tasmanian Devil, whirling about, stirring up dust, acting just a little bit slobbery and crazy...


Jean said…
I love your beads and your bags too! I think we all do! I hope you sell tons of them, Kim! Love you!

Jean xox

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