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With most of the painting done in the trailer, Rick decided to do the Floor Project before we leave, rather than waiting until we get to Seattle later this summer, where he'll have people to help him. I'm really glad this will all be finished before we go. It will make a big difference in how "home" looks and feels. We have to be comfortable in our little nest.

So last Friday we decided to give Taos shopping another try. We spent all day looking at flooring samples, tossing one after the other on the trailer floor, narrowing it down from five to two, to the perfect one. Back at the floor store, we were then told that, oh no, that one is no longer available...

What can I say? In my experience, shopping in Taos has never been a good use of time. The next day we drove down to Lowe's in Espanola, ordered just what we want, and it will be here in two weeks or less. Still not ideal, but at least we can get the stuff in time to install it before July 1st.

Meanwhile, the dirty old mauve pile carpet is just about gone, and clean new wood steps will lead up to the bedroom. The curtains are taking longer than I'd like, but they're coming out nicer than I'd expected, so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. I go back and forth between calm and on-task, and freaked out and flapping in the wind. Today I am calm... so far. I'm trying to do way too many things at once, and make beads too. I have a feeling I'll hit a point in a week or two, where I just have to stop the beads and concentrate on packing. There will be time for beads again once we get out there. Imagine the new inspirations just waiting for me, at the Grand Canyon, the ocean in Monterey, a city hit in Seattle... There's a lot to look forward to, but it's important to be right here, as much as possible...


  1. sending calm vibes your way..
    we can't wait till you're down this way.. are things really ever calm anywhere you are?
    mona & the girls

  2. Oh Miss Kim;

    I am so jazzed for you both. And what a wonderful place i know your new home will be now that you are 'going mobile' (as The Who would say).

    I am sad you are leaving Taos, but as with most sadness it is sort of a selfish thing, i'm sad for me, not getting to know you better when you were so close. It was nice to know you were just up the (high or low) road in your wonderful casa making amazing gifts for the world.

    But actually i am also very happy for those wonderful moments of just you two discovering and re-discovering. I know some folks say it gets a bit tiresome, traveling, but we've always been long time road-trippers, it's always an adventure.

    You know you were writing about points of inspirations in our great world, have you taken the little bit of time it takes to get off the main hiway in AZ and to drive thru & see the painted desert - especially as the light changes throughout the day? And the petrified forest is there too!

    My dorky husband gets hyperventilated when we drive a little further towards Flagstaff by Meteor Crater, but it REALLY is AWESOME!! There are some melted rocks there that will blow your mind. And talk about negative space!!

    But it sounds like you might be going the Tucson way and their ain't a thing wrong with that (except it's not Feb!!) Soooo beautiful, we were there at the bro-in-laws last T-day.

    Well as this road comes to a close for you, buckle up, be fancy free and things will work themselves out. Maybe we'll cross paths out there on the roads somewhere.
    Holly Sharpe-Moore | Tujaded |

  3. Holly, thanks for the song! I remember when it came out. We were still living in Seattle... and probably coming up to about the 7-year mark, when the road always starts to call!

    And GafferGirls..... CALM? What is that? HaHa! No really - I am calm at times... Today I went out to visit the prairie dogs across the road, and I stood there ever-so-calmly for a good long time... or three minutes. Whichever is longer. :o)

  4. I love what you are doing to change the rig; we bought a used Minnie Winnie 24 ft last Saturday and I am in the process of getting it decent; the blue has to go.. the curtains I tore down. I love your ideas and am
    inspired to make this more us and more custom .
    We kept the Beadmobile van but moved all the camping, sleeping, eating gear to the Minnie. Nice
    My offer still stands; you are welcome to crash in Lacey WA on the way to Seattle if you need a pit stop.
    We are doing the Tacoma show 8-12. Joan Tucker


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