rain on the brain

Lauren calls me almost every day, to tell me how sunny and beautiful it is in Seattle... Picture this, Mom. - driving across the bridge, sun sparkling in the water, sail boats all around... Yeah, I remember. And I wonder how it's possible that Seattle is behaving this way when New Mexico, you know, the desert, has had rain every day for the last three weeks. Well, that's what I get for making weather so darned important. God loves to say, HA!

I'm on my third cup of Earl Grey this morning, looking out the big windows at the drippy gray sky. I'll get motivated to do something productive in a little bit. But the project of the morning so far has been a sudden obsession with finding a pattern for a crocheted afghan or tablecloth. I have a lovely antique lace tablecloth thrown on the couch in the trailer, and my friend Anne pointed out that we really shouldn't sit on such a thing. She's right. It's much too delicate. But it looks so perfect there, and I really want something pretty and functional and somewhat dog-proof in its place. As so often happens, I'll just have to make it myself. That's OK. I don't have a sticks-and-string project going at the moment.

So after a lot of googling-about, and rejecting dozens of patterns as too hard, too fussy, or too stupid, I fell into the perfect little website. Crochet friends, meet 12 Hour Afghan Patterns.com! I handed over my $3.50, and can't wait to get started on this beauty...

I'm not sure just how the pattern will come to me... download or mail... it's not clear. But patience is one of my Big Life Lessons, so I'll wait, but I don't want to! Today would be the perfect day to watch the rain and crochet. Maybe I'm being told to do something else though... like finish the Damn Curtains, or make a few beads. OK, OK... Here I go.


  1. Hi Kim and Rick,
    Have you thought about heading out to Orcas Island? I could see you guys there...Nice weather (for the area), down to earth community with a focus on art. What a grand adventure. I smile whenever I think about it.

  2. Island life is pretty nice. Hope we have some time to spend in the San Juans this summer, but not sure we'd want to live there. Rain... Southern Oregon still looks good. We're planning on spending a month in Ashland this fall. Hope you guys can catch up with us someplace. I think all my friends should buy RVs and wander around together, even if only part time!


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