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Did I mention that we're having a yard sale this weekend? We're nose-deep in stuff, sorting, pricing, piling it up, and preparing to spread it all out in the driveway tomorrow, hoping it stops raining for a few days... It feels really, really good to be sending all these lovely things to new homes. As the load gets lighter, my head gets clearer. Everybody wins, but mostly I'm doing this for me.

I finished the Damn Curtains last night. Worked on the Evil Machine all day in fact. When I got to the last part of the project, the upholstery on the dinette, I realized duct tape wasn't going to work, so I hand stitched the new fabric over the old. I have to say, I'm really quite pleased with me. I'll show pictures soon, after it's all, all done. Rick still needs to put in the new floor, as soon as we can pick it up from Lowe's. Also need to get a couple more curtain rods there, for the bedroom... we looked everywhere in Taos to find them, but alas, Taos Shopping is as lame as it ever was. Local merchants whine at us to shop locally, but they don't stock the things we need to buy. We do what we gotta do, you know? So anyway, after the floor is in, we'll figure out how to squeeze our king size bed into the queen size bedroom. It will literally be wall-to-wall bed, and ever-so-comfy. Then we'll hang some art, and snap some pics for you. I think we have just enough time for all the things we need to do, probably down to the minute.

If you live in Taos, or somewhere nearby, come on over this Saturday and buy some of our wonderful stuff. I'll have beads out too, testing my Traveling Bead Show. They won't be at yard sale prices, but it's always nice to see them sparkling in the sun. Bet you'll want to adopt one or two!


  1. hope you make a lot of dough...
    have a great weekend...

  2. Hope you do really well too. And I wish I lived out there to stop by! I'd love to see all your sparklies. :) Can't wait to see the pics of the your digs when "construction" is complete.

  3. In a pinch, copper pipes make amazing curtain rods!

    Good luck at the yard sale!


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