dog days

It's too hot here in Reno to do very much. I've spent all week making beads, and now I need a little rest time. Even the dogs are feeling it. Little Ohso was so funny in her swimming pool. I think she even has a smile on her face here...

Lucy continues to be a challenge. I'm not sure what we're going to do about her. She's great with us, but she doesn't trust other people, even when she's known them for a while. As a result, we can't trust her not to snap at people, so we have to keep a close eye on her, and keep her away from everyone else as much as we can. It's pretty stressful. I wish, wish, wish that Cesar Milan would call me up and ask if he can take her into his pack. I think she'd be a tough case even for him. What to do, what to do... Keep wishing and keep working with our Lucy. There aren't a lot of other good options.


  1. I am sorry to hear about the stress with Lucy. I swear our Border Collie Jelly Bean is the EXACT same way. Now i am not even sure it's safe to take her into Petsmart. If a child wants to pet her, i make her sit & i get down with her and closely watch her signals, the first sign of stress or lip curl & STOP.

    Someone MUST know how to settle a shy, tense dog? she's even that way with us sometimes. I've NEVER had such a puzzling dog & we love her so.

    Oh Lucy. The best thing to calm Jelly is a good scratch on her chest while she is sitting. right below her collar to between the top of her legs, just that area, works pretty good. but never permanent.

  2. 'Little Ohso' (lovely name there !) looks Oh SO lovely and cool in her little paddle pool !! I bet she enjoyed that a lot !
    I don't know what to suggest Kim about poor little Lucy. I'm more a horse and cat person.
    Love the new beads though !
    Take care, Michelle (UK) xoxox

  3. Hi Kim,
    Soooo sorry to hear about Lucy's anxiety-related, stress-induced behavior. She is probably uncomfortable with her new gypsy lifestyle, which she could be relating to your emotional stress level before you guys hit the road.
    Go to Cesar's website ( and see if he has any suggestions. You can also send him an Email requesting help. Who knows, he might even consider Lucy for an episode on his do have a rather "unique" the moment.
    Keep us all posted...along with your wonderful photos please.
    Good Luck, JoR

  4. Kim, we have a Lucy too (a rescued Red Heeler mix), and your Lucy sounds a lot like ours...we took her on our annual camping trip a few years ago through the desert SW and she wanted to round up every critter she smelled. At least she kept people away from the jeep when we parked in the little towns of Southern Utah, but we sure can't trust her not to snap at people even when she's on her leash. It must be confusing for a dog who's job is protecting her "pack's" territory when the territory keeps moving!


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