gas station angel

On the way up to Tahoe yesterday, we stopped for diesel at the Chevron station in the very nice neighborhood of Thomas Creek, on the Mount Rose Highway. There was a bronze statue of Mark Twain sitting on the bench outside the front door, and soothing piano music drifted through both indoor and outdoor speakers. I went inside to buy some bottled water, and found myself absolutely charmed by this gas station. I've never seen one like it, so clean and welcoming and filled with lovely things to buy for one's trip to the lake. I nearly bought a hat, but restrained myself and set my water bottles on the counter. The man at the register was friendly and sweet, and maybe just a little bit odd. He stood there in his clean white polo shirt, commenting on the lovely coolness of my water, and as I took my change and thanked him, he said, "We're always here for you". I think he was an angel. Really. Glimpses of the Divine come through in the strangest ways sometimes.

I'd had a difficult day to that point. I made beads in the trailer, parked in my sister's driveway. We're not quite level, which throws me off a bit, and it was hot and windy too. My studio swayed and rattled around me until I called it quits around 2:00, and started throwing things together for a trip up to the lake, to meet Linda at Sand Harbor, where she works in the rangers' office. I remembered most things, but forgot my camera, dang it. I kicked myself halfway up the mountain, until Rick pulled into that Chevron station. Things started to get better after that.

Linda was off work when we got there, later than we'd planned, so we met some her friendly co-workers, got something to eat at the Harbor House (Veggie wraps, garlic fries, and cold white wine. Oh yeah...), and then walked through the park and along the beach. There's not a prettier spot on the planet, and all that water was very good medicine. We decided to stay for the music happening on the Shakespeare stage later, so after a little more beach walking, we gathered our blankets and ice chest, and headed for the gorgeous outdoor stage that has Lake Tahoe as a backdrop. Ricardo Lemvo and his awesome orchestra played until after sunset, and it was so much fun. (watch a video here.) We danced in the sand until the very last note was played, and then wound our way back down the mountain to Reno.

What a day, and no pictures... yet. Linda had her camera along, so I'll add some pics here when I get them from her. Meanwhile, check the links and see for yourself. Lake Tahoe is a little bit of paradise, and Sand Harbor is the most beautiful gem in the whole area.

And look for those angels in strange places. You never know where you'll find one, or where one will find you. "We're always here for you"...

Update! Pictures!


  1. I love Sand Harbor--except we never actually went to the Harbor. We would park on the highway south of there and hike down to the lake. I have very fond memories of spending the day swimming off the rocks in that incredibly blue, clear water. Took Julia there a few years back and have been wanting to plan a trip there with the whole family. Maybe next summer.

  2. It sounds like bliss Kim. Look forward to the photos later on !
    Yes, I think angels are around us, I met one at a bus stop once, I'm sure he was, the things he me to thinking.....
    yep !!!

  3. I do SO miss living in that area. When i first went to the plays @ Sand Harbor it was '82 and so wide open, very casual; went back again in '92 and it was so crowded, you practically had to fight for a square inch but civility ruled.

    We used to go see music & other performances there, when i managed a victorian style 'residential' recording studio (Granny's House) one of my friends had an incredible Jazz band and they would play there.

    Also the fireworks on the lake on Labor day (which was also our Wedding/Honeymoon, we got married on a ranch out in Washoe Valley back in the mid 90's when it was still mostly ranch land - so beautiful, we were very lucky). They were a nice surprise and while we lived there, would return each year to see.

    So many magical places up there - Fallen Leaf Lake, Northshore, the Truckee river, ohhhh what a really remarkable spot of heaven. I remember the first time i moved away, to continue college in Huntington Beach, i was floating on a raft in that COLD, clear, clean water - looking up at those mountains. I said to myself "Remember this place, it is truly beau-ti-mous!

    If i may suggest also...Travel well, put your feet up from time to time (not while driving), get an old-fashioned malt or a soda in a bottle that you have to open on the machine.

    If you can when leaving Reno -opt for going over 50, it is a MUCH more beautiful and artistic place & a drive you WILL cherish. I swear to it. If you do go over 80, check out Truckee, and stop in Quincy (they have a great little small town & annual Fair there) ~really worth it. Sail on!!
    Holly |

    p.s. SO excited I got one of your canyon bloom pendants!!


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