i lied

What I said about all that hiking... walking everywhere, doing the Plateau Point trail...

Totally stupid. I take it back. I must have had a dyslexic age moment and thought I was about to turn 25 instead of 52. There's not enough Tired Old Ass Soak on the planet to convince me that I can - or want to - do all that, especially this time of year. It's hot for godsakes, and it gets hotter as you go down into the canyon. Smart hikers stick to the rim trails this time of year, or if they absolutely must dip below the rim, they start at 3AM, getting in and out before lunch. Yeah, I'm pretty likely to do that... I mean, what kind of lunatic would inflict that kind of torture on themselves? Maybe me, I guess, because this morning we wandered too far with the dogs again. A three hour dog walk is really too long, for all concerned. But we're just so excited to be here, we get going and we can't stop. When we got back to "camp", (remember - I love NOT camping), Lucy crawled under the trailer and made sort of a slow-air-leak sound. Poor little Heidi flopped on the couch, and refused to budge. I think her short legs may have gotten even shorter...

I'm in my new office today, the cafeteria at the Yavapai Lodge. Rick's here paying bills and stuff, and we're sitting next to a guy who just hiked out from the river today. He's in great pain, and I'm feeling smarter than ever for deciding to stick to the rim trails. We also love the shuttle busses. We're still walking a lot, but today we know our limits...

I guess there probably are a lot of lunatics here this week. It was the full moon last night... We stood out on Mather Point to watch the sun set and the moon rise. Pretty amazing. Also amazing that a lot of people don't know that on full moon night, every month, and not just at the Grand Canyon, the sun sets and the moon rises at the same time. It's a wonderful sight anywhere you see it, but I have to say it was extra spectacular here.

I have one more picture for you today. The canyon view is often hazy from wildfires, controlled burns, weather, or even smog from Los Angeles. Yesterday was the clearest I've ever seen it. This is Bright Angel Canyon, looking sharp and gorgeous. On the other side, and a little to the left of Bright Angel is the North Rim Lodge. It's eight miles straight across, or over 200 miles to drive around.


  1. The truest form of smarts is knowing our limits :). Loving the pics!


  2. WOW ! It looks so wonderful there Kim ! What glorious photos ! I bet you were worn out, and poor little Heidi, aahhhh! ~ You weared her all out !


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