one for the road

Internet is a tricky thing, and even trickier while traveling. I don't want to pay for broadband or whatever it's called... that's how much I know about it. I only know it's still expensive. I might give in at some point, but for now, we get whatever's available where we're staying. Here at the KOA in Flagstaff, the signal drifts through like bar-b-que smoke. What's that smell? Oh, it's gone... But today we're packing up and moving to the Grand Canyon. We'll be at the Trailer Village at the South Rim for two weeks. If I was a surfer, I'd be stoked! As far as I remember, there's no internet there at all. My cell phone doesn't work there either, so it wouldn't do me any good to have the fancy satellite service. It's OK! It's more important to be with the canyon. I'll catch up with everyone else later. I get to have my birthday in the canyon again this year too, which especially pleases me. I turned 50 at the North Rim, and now I'll turn 52 at the South Rim. There's truly no place I'd rather celebrate. Go figure. Must be a past life thing.

I have three more pictures for you today. If you missed this one on Facebook, it's good for a laugh. It got a lot of comments about "why you should always wear underpants"! This was taken at the Flagstaff Brewing Company yesterday. Bet these guys get all the girls...

Here's a tasty snack. We had pizza at Oregano's the other night, and had lots of leftovers to take home. Rather than heat up the oven on a hot evening, I closed up the slices face to face, and heated them in a little olive oil in the frying pan. Like grilled cheese from Heaven. Mmmmmm...

And this - sort of a mixed message, don't you think? Here's a nice table to sit at, but don't hang around too long, buddy. Like at the tiny Jitterbug Cafe in Seattle, where the sign on the wall said, "Eat it and beat it". Gotta keep the tables turning over...

That's all for now. We're off to the Grand Canyon. See you back here... sometime!


  1. Hi Kim !!!
    Glad it's good so far, even without the Broadband !! who needs it, you're still there !!!
    Have a wonderful time at the Canyon, I know you will ! and a great birthday on the south side this time !!!
    Much love, take care
    Michelle (UK) xoxoxoxox

  2. LOL at the sign! Like a place in Kitty Hawk NC - Bob's Grill "Eat and get the hell out!" Love the adventure so far. Dreaming a little dream with you.


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