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Laramie, Wyoming is not my favorite place. I have a little soft spot for it because my son Danny went to school there, at Wyotech, and now is a happy Volvo Tech in Seattle. Thank you, dear Laramie, for that. We stopped for one noisy night in the KOA by the highway, which inspired us to get up early and hit the road once again. We decided on what looked on the map to be the scenic route. It was scenic alright, but in a strange, moon-prairie sort of way. Wyoming is not like any place I've been before. It's the wild west. It's cattle country and farm country. It's huge and wild and wind blown and very, very beautiful...

I like to stop at least two nights in each place, preferably longer. Driving every day is hard on our bodies, and on my sanity. And a drive day is only that. Drive, set up, eat, sleep, get up and drive again. I like to have some time to explore a place, meet the locals, sample the cafes and pubs, and even set up the studio and get some work done. We can't do that on a "one night stand". But sometimes the payoff at the end of the day is worth it. I've always said I wanted to live on a river. Twice now on this trip, my wish has been granted. The first time was back in Needles, CA. Total surprise. And now we find ourselves here in Dubois, WY, at a pretty little KOA on the Wind River.

What you see here is the back yard of our camp site. It doesn't get any better than this, or of it does, I can't begin to imagine how. I sat there until the sun was nearly down and the mosquitos got as hungry as I was. Rick brought me my shawl and refilled my wine glass, and I just stayed put, watching the water roll on by, while I sat still, in one place, the ground solid under me. What is it about a river that feels so good? I hear about negative ions and all that, but I don't really understand it. I just think it's a kind of Divine Perfection, better than any kind of drug or therapy, the way a river will flow on by, taking my worries and weariness along with it. And if I listen, a river will talk to me too. Things are changing fast in this world, maybe faster for some of us than others. It's hard to keep up sometimes, but a little bit of good river time now and then can sure help.

Today we'll drive through the Grand Tetons and on to Yellowstone for two nights. I think we were lucky to get a reservation on such short notice, but then, we do live a charmed life. I've never been to either of these places before, so I'm really excited to get back in the truck for another day of... driving!


  1. Kim, I live near a river - about 100 yards from my house. (It's the New River, which was badly named, as it's supposed to be the second oldest river in the world!) I know what you mean about the hypnotizing effect of watching the water pass by. I have to visit the river every day if possible and I miss it when I don't.

  2. Water, river, ocean, lake. All are life-giving and sustaining and necessary to one like me (a Pisces). I am enjoying your travels and living vicariously through you. Keep having fun!


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