might as well dance

The Rio picnic was rained on, but not rained out. We had a grande time, and were happy we'd remembered to pack Gortex and umbrellas along with great food and wine.

Katy and Jaap, before the rain hit.

Katy in her Paris raincoat, and Rick in Gortex.

Karena and I were the height of fashion...

Jaap and Rick are both great hoopers!

And of course we danced in the New Mexico rain!

Today we have a few things to do in town, and then... you guessed it - a little dinner party with friends! I am getting kind of tired.


  1. HI KIM...
    I've been on a blog break ...
    back back back...

    I have a wonderful spot for you to rest..if you're making your way through the Eugene Or area....
    electric & water hook-up and a little bit of grass for lawn chairs........

    mona & the gaffer girls


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