morro bay

I just looked it up - "morro", in Spanish, means "nose". Morro Rock, in Morro Bay, doesn't look at all like a nose to me, but it's a pretty impressive volcanic remnant just the same. I think it looks like a pirate hide-out. Bet there's treasure out there somewhere, but it's being guarded by thousands of birds. I'm not going to get too close. I'll just sit on the beach and make up stories...

Heidi met some friends yesterday. Their person told me they're all rescues. One is missing a leg, one is missing an eye, and the third was just abandoned. I think they're pirates in disguise. Heidi was a rescue too, sort of. She grew up in a sorority house in Albuquerque, and when her mom couldn't take her to her new job, we brought her home. If these other dogs let her in to their crew, she'll be the most social pirate on the ship.

We're staying here for a week, or maybe a little longer. I need time to get some work done, unless of course I stumble across that pirate treasure out there somewhere. Till then, a girl's gotta make a living. Aaarrrrgggghhhh!


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