We're back in Taos. Only for a few days, but they're already tightly packed with friends and parties and business to take care of. It's kind of weird being back here. It seems like we just left, although it's been almost two months since we first set out. Time's a funny thing that way. Seems like forever, seems like yesterday. Maybe it's both.

It was a long drive from Flagstaff to here. That stretch of desert that blurs Arizona and New Mexico has become very familiar over the years. It looks good right now, all soft sage and red rock, dotted with deep green pinon and cottonwood. Must have been a good wet monsoon season. I spent a lot of time knitting, and a lot of time watching for hobos on freight trains. The only time I've ever seen a "hobo" was in Mexico. I guess it's not as easy to hop a train here as it used to be. Or maybe everyone has cars now. I don't know, but I always watch for that lone silhouette in the distance.

We arrived here just as the sun was going down. Nice to see another Taos sunset. We're staying out on the mesa, at the north end of town, about as far away from our house as we can be. I think it's better this way. It's like being someplace else rather than back home, but with no home to go to. We'll go by the house today, to drop off some things we don't need, pick up a few things we left in storage, and see how the renters are doing. I think we can do it all in one trip, and then be on our way to do other things. A little vacation in Taos will be fun. I was a little bit hesitant as we drove along yesterday, but now that we're here, it all seems good. We haven't come back to Taos, we've come forward to Taos.


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