time to roll

Today we leave the coast, and head inland to a park near Solvang, CA, slowly making our way to Taos for a few days later this month. We're not really ready to leave the coast, but we do need to get moving, and this time of year it's hard to find a spot anyplace in California, particularly in the beach towns.

This has been perfect. I asked for a place we could sit still for a week so I could get some work done. I got that, and I did the work too. Yesterday was the first day the fog cleared the whole week we've been here in Morro Bay. Like the sand dollars on the beach, it felt like a metaphor, since my own creative fog seemed to lift too. I've been resistant to work, not really wanting to do it, and not feeling any great creative urges. But the time here has changed that. Feels like I'm moving forward. What a relief.

I think we'll be coming back to the coast. Want to explore the Oregon coast too, and it should be easier after Labor Day, when the rest of the country goes back to school and work. Of course there will be the European RVers, but still, I think things will slow down a bit in the parks, and maybe we won't have to work so hard at finding places to stay. We really need to get a generator so we can "dry camp" for a few nights between expensive "full hook-up" parks. It's high on the wish list. Just need to sell a bunch of beads so we can pay for it, and that, of course, means I have to make them. It's a pretty simple circle of life in my world. I couldn't ask for more... or less. It all seems pretty well tuned at the moment. The only thing I might change is my hair... Petty, yes, but in humid places I look like a walking shrub. Thank God for scarves, and that I'm not afraid to sport my inner Keith Richards...


  1. Yes, agree with you, it's lovely to be by the sea !!!
    Your hair looks ok to me Kim, but as you like it, that's important !
    Keep on truckin' !!!


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