trickle up

Walking on the beach in Morro Bay last evening, Rick and I picked up dozens of beautiful, perfect sand dollars. They were everywhere, just waiting to be rescued before they'd be crushed by waves or feet and turned into sand. There were other people on the beach, but they didn't seem to see the sand dollars. Maybe they weren't looking. I don't know. Maybe these were super-power sand dollars that were invisible to anyone but us. We filled our pockets and carted them back to camp where we spread them out all over the picnic table. As I changed out of my soaked jeans and jacket, it occurred to me that these pretty little treasures might be a metaphor for the abundance we have all around us, if we just tilt our heads and look at it from a different angle. Sand dollars, real dollars; there's plenty of both to go around. We all just need to learn how to see them, and to pick them up when we do.

My brilliant and beautiful cousin Mitzi came up with a great idea - The Trickle Up Theory Of Economics. Check it out here on YouTube:

I think it might work. We are all in this together, so it seems logical that we can all help each other get what we need and want. You know how I feel about waiting for "someday"... it never comes! I feel the same way about waiting for someone else to fix my problems. Not likely to happen.

So watch the video. It's short and to the point. I'll go hammer some silver, and see how I can make use of the Trickle Up Theory to everyone's best advantage. It should be as easy as picking up sand dollars on the beach.


  1. Cousin, we're onto something. Deb from Arizona thinks so too. I thinking of bumperstickers and tshirts. Astounding metaphor for my theory: sanddollar on the beach! It was like finding my lost jewelry: right under my nose! TRICKLE UP POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


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