we'll bring the wildlife

We're getting ready to leave Taos tomorrow. Picked up Daisy, the cat, from Deborah and Thomas's last night, along with a plant they'd been tending, and a pile of mail. What great friends to take care of our stuff like that. Next stop, Kathleen and Kat's, for a wonderful dinner in their outdoor kitchen. They're having major remodeling work done on their house, and have been cooking on the back porch all summer. It's really quite charming, and of course, it's always good to see them.

We had Daisy in the truck all evening, and did a quick strategy planning on the way home, to see how we might work him into our little dog world without too much stress for any of us. We worried and plotted needlessly. Good old Daisy-boy (yes, he's a boy) moved right in like he owned the place, which he probably does. We set him up with his litter box in our tiny bathtub, and his bed on the top bunk, above the dogs. But being Himself, he nudged Lucy aside and made himself quite comfortable, thank you...

So no worries. Bet he won't even need the Kitty Xanax. Think I'll save it for myself. And tomorrow we'll head north, thinking we'll breeze through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone on our way to Seattle. See you out there!


  1. Kim ! Hope Daisy-'boy' likes the journey !! I just love how cats have this nak of making themselves at home where THEY want to me, just makes me laugh, they're so cool !!!
    Have a good, happy journey ! Catch you later !


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