a fine wet weekend

Lauren took me shopping on Sunday, for something to wear to the wedding. It was a bit of a rough start, finding little that either of us liked. We persisted though, and eventually found a terrific dress at Banana Republic, which surprised us both. Now I need to make a necklace to go with - quick! That night Rick and I went to Charlie and Mary's for dinner. Charlie is the elder brother of the family, and he and Mary are not only great cooks, but also knowledgeable wine enthusiasts. We had amazing homemade pasta with a killer mushroom ragout, and some of the best wine I've had in a long time, being on the Poor Artist's Budget for a few years now. Joni was there too, and brought along the most adorable tiny cupcakes for dessert. I ate entirely too much, and am a little bit worried about the dress situation...

The weather on Monday left Lauren and I uninspired to go to Bumbershoot, which is an outdoor music festival. It probably wasn't the best weekend ever for the craft vendors, and I almost went just for them, having been in their damp shoes many times before, and knowing how dismal it can get. But instead we decided to think only of ourselves and go downtown to do a little shopping and grab some lunch at Westlake Center. The rainy sky made us sleepy, so before long we headed back to the ranch for naps and a little jewelry making. What can you do? Argue with the weather? I've tried it before - it doesn't really work.

Meanwhile, Danny and Rick were up in Bremerton on the autocross track. Danny, being a Volvo Guy, has turned his safe and humble family car into red hot racer. Rick came home bubbling over about all the fun they had, zipping around the orange cones on the retired air strip, with a congenial group of fellow drivers, all there just for the fun of it. It was Danny's birthday gift to Rick, and a damn good one too. Want to "be there"? Here's a short video, taken from the driver's seat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovAAU5SVBhQ

So today is still rainy, but we're all looking forward to going over to Wenatchee for Matt and Megan's wedding this weekend. It will be sunny there, to suit the happy occasion. Till then, I'd better get some work done. HiHoHiHo...


  1. Shopping and jewelry making, plus eating a fine dinner with good wine is a great remedy for Seattle weather. But those beads, Kim, we are waiting!

  2. I'm so glad to see your travel!!
    I'm always here looking and enjoyin everything that you've done!

    I like you a lot my PRETTY LADY!!!

    regards from Paulo[The brazilian boy]

  3. Happy Birthday, Rick, my fellow Virgo!

    jean xox


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