kayaking on lake union

Lauren took me out kayaking today. My first time ever, and I'm in love. We had a little lunch first, and then hopped in our rented kayaks and paddled around in Lake Union, looking at the big boats, bridges, and sparkling water, on this unusually hot and sunny first day of autumn. Oh man, what a treat. Right this minute, I wish I could buy a houseboat on the lake, so I could live right there on the crazy urban waterfront and kayak every day. More realistically, I want to look into a cheap beginner kayak, so I can paddle at my leisure wherever I find some nice calm water as we travel.

I do not have the photos to prove I did this, although I do have beginner blisters on my thumbs. I took my very small, very old Canon Elph camera along, thinking it would not be the end of the world if it went for a swim, since it was about to die anyway. I forgot to specify to it that it should not die until after I took some nice pictures while kayaking. I didn't get a single shot. The poor dear just plain old gave up and stopped working. RIP little Canon. You were very good to me. Here is someone else's picture, lifted from Google Images. This is what I saw from my tippy little perch. I probably would not opt for this particular hat however.


  1. Lovely Kim !!!! Must have been great fun !!!
    ...now onto a Nikon !!!!....;o)


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