lunch with sally

What could be better than a couple of hours on the beach with a dear, long-time friend, followed by a three-hour lunch in a shady garden restaurant, tended to by darling Italian waiters? Sure, I "should" have been working, but it would have been just another work day, a few more dollars (maybe - no guarantees), and I would have missed a really, really good time. Life is short, the road is long. Whatever that means, more and more I know that it's important to do as much of the fun stuff as we can.

I had planned to ride the ferry over to Bainbridge Island with Rick today, to meet up with his own dear friend, Lance. I've been looking forward to a ferry ride for weeks, and somehow it just isn't happening for me. The roadblock this time is our little Miss Heidi, who seems to have developed some serious abandonment issues. While we were out yesterday, and she was home in the trailer like she's done many times before, she freaked out and shredded one of the window screens. So, rather than risk sending her even further over the edge of doggie reason, I decided to forego the ferry, and stay home with the dogs. It's probably better that Rick and Lance have some time to themselves anyway.

I'll spend the day here in the "Silver Lounge", as I fondly call my new, abbreviated studio space, where I'm working solely on beautiful fine silver. What about beads?, you might ask. Well, beads are still a possibility, but silver interests me more right now, Back to the Life Is Short theory, why do so many of us spend our days doing things we don't love doing? I think this is a question worth answering for ourselves. I've been making beads for just about thirteen years now, and frankly, I'm a little tired of it. I'm not saying I'm quitting, but I'm not ruling that out either. I'll just wait for "further instructions", as always, and play with my shiny hammers in the Silver Lounge until I know what to do next.

Tomorrow we'll leave Seattle and go to Portland for a few days, to see our pals Jim and Lani, and check out BeadFest, as well as a fiber arts show. Busy, busy. Life is good.


  1. Excellent that you are going to BeadFest! Say hi to everyone for me, Gail Moore, Jim and Lani, Michael David Sturlin, Jean Campbell, so many great people are there.

    It's great to hear that you are relaxing and having a good time. That makes me happy.

  2. Hi Kim,
    I really HOPE you DON'T give up making your gorgeous, special beads. They give such joy ! Your silver is lovely too though.
    I hope little Miss Heidi is ok. She didn't like being left alone poor little thing.
    Glad you're having a lovely time!
    Take care, Michelle x (UK)


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