more seattle fun

I've let this get away from me. Too much fun going on to sit and write about it. Besides, it's all family stuff, so not that interesting to most of you anyway. In a nutshell, we're having a great time in Seattle, but it's clear as the big blue sky overhead (at the moment) that this is not Home. We did the city thing before, and it really doesn't suit us. We already knew that though. Still, when we wander through the different neighborhoods, I find myself trying them on for size. If I had to live in Seattle, I think I'd choose Fremont. It's quirky and hip and always entertaining. There's the ever popular Fremont Market - which is where I first started selling beads, way back when - loads of restaurants, cafes, and pubs, water and boats, a very nice draw bridge, a troll under another bridge (really), and a great tattoo place, for those days when a girl just needs a little more embellishment. If I lived here, I'd want to live in this building...

... which is a far fling from living in a trailer, or from the little brick house we once lived in with our three kids...

What a funny thing, this image of Home we keep redefining. I really can't guess anymore what the next one will look like.
Anyway, moving on, I've posted other pictures on Facebook, so as not to make you look at them unless you really want to. And I'll leave you here with a nice shot of the magnificently ghost-like Mount Rainier, from one of the floating bridges that cross Lake Washington. A few more days here, and we'll move to on to Oregon!


  1. hi Kim... its gorgeous in Eugene today.. a little smokey here from the fire in Oakridge..
    mona & the girls

  2. Hi Kim, what an interesting, quirky-looking lovely building !!
    I love seeing the pictures. The lovely little house is like our cottages over here in the UK look, some with thatched roofs which are lovely, we have 2 near us. We have gorgeous blue skies overhead too, which is lovely for this time of year ! Glad you're having such a wonderful family time !!!


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