settling in for a while

I'm not so blabby when I'm sitting still. Things don't happen as fast as they do when we're flying down the road to a new place every other day, but at the moment, thats OK. We're in Seattle now, or more accurately, Bellevue, which is across Lake Washington from Seattle, and we've only made the hop across once. So far, everyone is coming to us, which pleases me in a queenly sort of way. I refuse to drive here. Good thing I have Rick as my personal chauffeur, but I prefer to stay off the roads all together. It's crazy here. Traffic was one of the things that ran us off eight years ago, and now it seems to be twice as bad as it was back then. I've got myself settled into my little barn studio, and it's a good place to spend the days. It's surprising how little I need, and nice to be able to spread it all out and leave it this way for a while. The only thing I thought I might be missing was music, and I do need some entertainment/inspiration/company while I work. Then I remembered Pandora Radio, and poof!, I now have everything I need, including a wonderful view, and two days worth of work to add silver to and post in the BeadShop.

The main reason we're here when we're here is for Rick's nephew's wedding. Matt and Megan (Mee-gan, not May-gan), the happy couple came for dinner last night, along with other family members. The wedding is on the 12th, but it's not too soon the let the celebration begin!

Matt, Suzie (his mom), Megan, Joni (Matt's sister), and Jonas (Joni's husband).

Ken, Vicki (Rick's sister), Kali, and Gandolf, who are so generously sharing their home with us vagabonds.

Brianna, Ken and Vicki's other daughter. This is all we saw of her last night. Total teenager. In a good way.

My beautiful son, Danny, and Rick in the background.

My beautiful daughter, Lauren, and my friend Sally's beautiful daughter, Tressa.

I was here too, of course, but behind the camera, which is always my preference. Lauren is coming to get me this morning, to take me shopping for something to wear to the wedding. She's not only my backup driver, but a terrific personal fashion consultant. It will cost me lunch, at the very least, but it'll be worth it. I need the help, and I love spending time with her. So, even though it's raining, with no sign of sun till maybe next July, things are looking pretty bright in my little world. Small and quiet. Not much to say. But you know I'll be around.


  1. I must say that Rick is more beautiful every year!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys whenever you wander in to Tucson!

  2. Your 'new studio' looks great Kim ! Glad you've got the radio too, some music always helps !
    Looks lovely there to be your lovely Lauren and Danny too, what could be better !?
    Enjoy the shopping trip, hope you find something really special !
    Love, Michelle xox


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