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Sometimes I'm traveling, and sometimes I'm thinking deep thoughts - at least for me. Today I'm doing a little bit of both. We're camped in Jim & Lani's driveway, next to their wonderful purple house. The place is happy and chaotic and welcoming, and it's clear that creatively generous people live here. We all went to see the movie Julie & Julia last night, which I've been looking forward to for weeks. And while I loved it as much as I expected to, at some point I began to find it sort of... discouraging. The little green envy demon crept into my head and started whispering, Where's my publisher/agent/book deal/movie? Hmm? Haven't I been working hard at this? Don't I write some pretty good stuff sometimes? Don't all faithful bloggers deserve to hit the big time and reap fat rewards for their efforts? Well, obviously not, same as not all musicians or painters or actors or singers or baseball players will go to their prospective big leagues, even though there are loads of greatly talented people in the world.

This morning, a big shot of vodka and a good sleep later, I'm over it. Wallowing isn't pretty or productive. I'm over it, and also adopting a new plan of attack for this little, small world blog. If I'm going to write it, I think I should write it like it really counts. Even like I'm getting paid to do it. After all, I know I have 108 readers out there, and that's not nothing. That's something. Something good. So for you, and for me, here we go again, with a fresh eye, from yet another Day One. Some days just sharing experiences, and other days sifting through the compost that enriches all of our lives, if we only take the time to dig in and get our hands dirty. Today we're enjoying time and friends in Portland, Oregon. And tomorrow... I might just have something stinky in store...


  1. I need to do some un-wallowing too. Here's to Fresh Eye Monday :).


  2. Don't go all Hollywood on us Kim. I truly enjoy your daily musings and love following your gypsy travels. Even though I don't personally know you or your family and friends, I enjoy the photos, smiles and "deep thoughts by kim".
    If you do go the next step and put it all down on paper, I'd buy a copy! Take care and happy traveling.....

  3. I think it's OK to recognize that sometimes our first reaction to other people's success is envy. Actually, usually I think it's the second reaction. First we are like "Cool!" and then we are bitter that it wasn't us who made it thought it did it won it scored it....

    But hopefully, after that moment, the next one settles in, and for me, that next moment is generally a kick in the butt to work harder. Sounds like you had the same urge.

    I love the way that you write, Kim- keep at it, and yes, write every day.

  4. Hi Kim, one of my blogger friends, Joan Tucker, just told me about your blog and I have briefly read a few posts and I am going to take the time to read a few more,... but guess what - I am going to be doing the same thing you are doing in a very short while, I am leaving California looking for a new home with my husband, three cats, in our motorhome and am going to write all about it on my blog. And I too am looking for that book deal - I wonder if there are any other artists out there doing this as well. Thanks for being there. Well it's now back to reading, writing, and packing for me.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, everybody. I know a lot of us are in the same boat. Might as well keep paddling together. :o)

    And Linda - welcome to gypsy life! So far we haven't found anyone else "like us", so it will be good to have you out here. Send me a link to your blog!

  6. So, that was you at the Bead Fest. I thought so, but since I didn't get Jim's attention (I was in hurry!) and I couldn't get your name out of my open mouth, I didn't get to say hello. I'm one of your biggest bead fans and you've inspired me more than you'll ever know.

    BTW- we are all paddling together somewhere, some upstream, some with the current! The key is to just keep on paddling...

    Have a great time while you're in the NW.

  7. Oh Kathy! I'm sorry I didn't recognize you! We should have made Jim stop. He was sort of on a mission I think! Next time, grab my arm and say STOP! :o)


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