Wonder what's going on. I don't feel much like writing, or making beads - two things which normally make my heart sing. I'm waiting for new inspiration, and I know it will come, because it always does. I just don't know when or what. That part is not my job to figure out. I'm enjoying Seattle, and the sun is coming out often enough that I'm not mad at the weather yet. I'm most enjoying having all this time with my kids. We really do need to live closer to them, and we will. It's fun hanging out with grown up kids. I don't have to keep track of them, and we can go out for a beer now instead of to Chuck E Cheese... Well, the Chuck E Cheese years were fun too, but I'm happy to be where we all are now...

Wandering away from beads this week, I pulled out some fine silver wire and started banging on it. I love hammers, and they don't work particularly well with glass, so it's a good thing I know a little bit about playing with metal too. Maybe I'll do this for a while and give the beads a break... so to speak...

Anyway, no time for any of that now. We're off to Wenatchee for Matt and Megan's wedding. WooHoo! This is just so darn wonderful. Not sure if we'll have internet for the next few days, but I'll be back when I'm back. Like inspiration, I always come back, don't I?


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