It's all my fault. I bought a "dollar bag" of little plastic skulls at the local Dollar Tree the other day, and gifted several of the Boneheads to Mitzi. One thing led to another, and now we have her dining table covered with paints and glitter and beads and flowers, and spend way too many of our waking hours on the Bonehead Project. I had no idea we'd get this carried away, but there's no point in resisting. This little obsession needs to be followed to its natural end, unless of course its only the beginning of something we're not yet aware of. I'm going with my gut these days. If it seems silly and creative and fun, it's probably a good idea.

So here are the pics so far. The skulls are about golfball size, and come nine in a bag. Now who wouldn't buy that for a buck?

Since Mitzi is a painter, and she's painted Weird Objects before, she knew we needed to spray them with primer. She also had skewers handy, so now we have all these little heads-on-a-stick.

Here's Mitzi at her table full of magical art supplies. We had to make another paint run yesterday. More colors, more colors!

And here's what we have so far. They aren't finished yet, and there are more to paint. We also bought little dolls and ripped their heads off. The heads will be painted too, and their bodies will be attached to some of the skulls. Ack! I love this!

This is the Bonehead Team - me, Mitzi, and Serena, all happily embellishing cheap blobs of plastic. Oh yes, life is good here in Ashland.


  1. Those are cool, when I saw them on facebook I thought they were ceramic - which I guess they could be made of ceramic, they look great - so much detail. For some reason I was thinking of the coneheads from Saturday night live when I first read the post title.

  2. That's how it always begins...$1.00bag of something turns into a multigazillion dollar project....

  3. I've never seen such nice looking skulls.....!!! Will there be a sequel? I'm thinking bonehead beads.... ;+)

  4. Ohhhhh those look FABULOUS DAHHLING! And yes, you must put them on regular doll bodies!!! Love you and miss you! xoxo el

  5. WOW - They look so cool and that a wonderful time was had by all (OH - That creative table filled with paints of all colors is SO enticing!)

    Thanks for sharing!!! My 7 year old niece is having a Halloween Birthday Party this weekend, and the painting looks like something she and her friends would have so much fun doing... they are quite the little creative bunch (and we could make necklaces for them all to take home!).

    So, So Cool!!! Thanks for sharing your good times and ideas (now to go find the nearest dollar tree for some bone heads...)


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