I'm sitting in the truck, in front of the trailer, under a canopy of yellowing leaves, with little Heidi sitting beside me. I mentioned before that we don't get internet inside the trailer, but I don't always have to go to the duck pond or Mitzi's house to get online. This is a nice big truck. Not a bad size for an office.

I'm having fun in Ashland, and at the same time, feeling sort of fragmented. I have all my worldly stuff pared down to a neat little portable pile, only it doesn't all work in the close quarters we've set ourselves up in. It's OK. I just need to adjust to getting less done than I'm used to. Or maybe I'm getting more done and I just don't know it yet. Email is being answered, orders are being shipped, blogs are being written, beads are being made. This week I've gone "back to the garden", and have made nothing but flower beads. Hm. That's unexpected, and I'm really not giving it too much thought. My time is consumed with other things. The boneheads are still a work in progress, and rather than try to sell them, we have plans to make silly videos with them. It's not my area of expertise, but what the heck. I'll play.

I'm also trying my hand at watercolor. It's only fair. Mitzi is making beads, so I need to stretch my comfort zone and do some painting. I just started yesterday, and I think I like it, but it sure is intimidating learning from a master like Mitzi. I'm used to being good at what I do, and so is she. We have to laugh at ourselves a lot these days, starting as beginners in each other's worlds. We have a lot to share though, and it's fun because we both recognize that. We've loosely formed Fire and Water Studios, and now we'll just keep playing and see where it all takes us.

Maybe fragmented isn't the right word. Maybe it's more like faceted, this life I'm living right now. Lots of angles and sparkling sides, catching the light, and my attention, like a diamond. Sometimes the reflections can be dizzying, but most of the time it's pure beauty.


  1. Faceted that's a good place to be.

  2. Kim, it sounds like you're making progress in different avenues, I like the phrase 'faceted'. It seems to work very well with how you're feeling ! Look forward to seeing the flower beads, sounds lovely !

  3. P.S. ...I also like the new picture at the top of your blog with the very old car going down the road ! Looks wonderful !!!!
    Michelle (UK)


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