halloween in ashland

Well, here we are. A month in Ashland has zoomed by, and it's time to have some Halloween fun. We love Halloween, and this town knows how to throw a holiday bash. Rick and Ron are already downtown, blocking off streets and positioning Kiwanis volunteers for the Fun Run and Kid's Parade this afternoon. This cracks me up. Rick isn't much of a joiner, but he's really having fun tagging along with Ron for some of this stuff. He might even become an Elk... What the heck. It's a good way to meet people and make connections, and you get to use the Elk's primo parking lot downtown. Mitzi and I painted our guys up to look sort of dead and ghastly, but not too scary, since the daytime is for the little kids. Heehee... this is fun.

Here are the boys, looking so fine...

And even Heidi is dressed up. She's wearing her blue velvet opera dress by Katy George with a pink silk collar and a sparkly bead necklace.

Mitzi and I will put together our costumes and head out a little later. We might even be in the parade. Might as well. Then later in the evening we'll see what the grownups do here for some spooky fun. My guess is since we're in a university and theater town, this is going to be good. More pictures later, but here's a hint... Frida Kahlo...

OK - Ashland does a kickass Halloween. Sorry Taos. I thought you were the Halloween Queen, but no... you have been hugely outdone. Here's a picture of me in my Frida Kahlo persona. The rest of the photos are on Facebook.

... and a video


  1. Ron looks a bit like a dead Richard Dreyfuss lol!

    Have a wonderful night!



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