nesting... for now

We've moved the good ship Tessie Beau to a new camp site. It's in the same RV park, but it's a much roomier, prettier site, with a little stream running through the back. I can't believe how lucky we are. I've always wanted to live by a stream. Almost can't believe my eyes...

And for those of you who are just catching up to us, we completely remodeled our trailer before we set out in July. It took about six weeks to paint the walls, make curtains, make new upholstery, and replace the floor. We even managed to fit our king size mattress in the little nest that is now, literally, the bedroom. This is the coziest little house I could ever want to live in. We even have a small electric fireplace. Fake fire is cleaner than real fire, and the dogs love it. So do I.

The only slight problem is the internet. The signal isn't very good anywhere in the park, especially if a "big rig" pulls in next door. The solution is to grab the computer and walk over to the office, where we can sit on the deck next to the duck pond and get a most excellent signal. A big storm is predicted for the next few days, so I may not be here much, but in good weather, which I'm told we'll have for most of the winter, you will often find me here with the ducks. Not a bad arrangement actually.


  1. Hi Kim...glad you're settled and next to a stream. How cool is that? Hmmmm. How about "stream" beads...??? Like the beach and wave beads you did a year or so ago? All those colors and swirls. Those lovely beads that I was never fast enough to snag. They'd go up...and then were gone. Your life sounds serene right spite of the "unease" in your quest for HOME. A serendipitous new chapter. How exciting.


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