A rainy Sunday morning. It's late. I slept late, feeling like I needed to rest and regroup after three months of go, go, go. Three months is usually my limit for being away from home. This time was different though, because I didn't know where home was going to be. I didn't even feel it coming. Didn't get homesick or catch a cold or even start whining... Well, OK, for the last hour of driving the other day I whined a little bit. Are we there yet? I need to get out of this truck... But I didn't know that once we got here, I'd want to stop and just be here. I guess three months is still my limit.

A rainy Sunday is a good day for "Blog Lite". I just want to sit by the fire and do little else. I forget to do that sometimes. The rain reminds me. Thank you rain.


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